Introducing Baby E and Me

ImageMy daughter Eloise, here on out known as Baby E, is nearing on five months old. A seasoned mom I am not, but I imagine my years of child care experience puts me one step above new mom. Barely.

 I’m relatively knowledgeable when it comes to early childhood. I have a M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and extensive experience in the field. Translation: I feel confident with toddler through second grade ages. Newborn and infancy are another story however, and I chose to seek advice from the “experts” in the form of copious amounts of reading on parenting philosophies and their origins.

 The abundance of parenting method labels is staggering. Each label comes with seemingly strict protocols of how one must raise their child. I found that within each parenting philosophy there are practices I’m not comfortable with, so rather than sign up for one method I created an amalgamation of many to base some major decisions on, like breast feeding routines, sleep habits and travel options for baby.  What does this mean to you, the reader? This is not an “insert parenting style here” blog. (To those who fully adopt a parenting style, kudos to you, your children will most likely be less confused than mine!)

My husband and I knew we wanted to start trying to have children right away. He is in the Coast Guard, and as many military families can attest to, you need to make hay while the sun shines. Or more literally, make babies while the boat is in or he’s on shore duty. For us, it took a bit longer than expected, two years more to be exact. We conceived our daughter two years from the day we started trying. During this time of waiting, peeing on test strips, crying, waiting, and peeing on more strips, I had ample opportunity to study and imagine the kind of mom I would be. This is my journey through motherhood as I attempt to not lose myself along the way!



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