Baby Style

In the winter in New England, aside from weekly play groups and an occasional story time at the library, getting out with baby in tow generally means grabbing a coffee or strolling around favorite stores. Shopping has taken an interesting turn as of late, as I have a new stylist. Baby E. Contrary to popular belief, my newly acquired thigh high boots, jeggings and low cut tops are not signifying a Stay At Home Mom crisis. No, among all the things Baby E has done to change my life, the most surprising has been her influence my wardrobe. Nursing camisoles, bras, and tank tops aside, Baby E has inspired me to add multitudes of color and various new styles to my once black, gray, and generally “safe” closet. She’s a crafty one…

See when I shop I often think of myself as more adventurous in regards to my fashion sense than I really am. My initial selections strongly reflect this alternate persona. I refer to this as the First Run. I suspect I’m not alone in this. I spot a gold cap sleeved top with red sequins on a sale rack. Adventurous self thinks “clearly a must have for the season to wear to all the cocktail parties I am sure to attend.” And so the first run continues. I find myself with a pile of low rise jeggings, a number of oddly styled and low cut tops, and some snakeskin stilettos for good measure. I hold onto these until I have the realization that I a. Don’t have friends who throw regular (if any) cocktail parties and b. Would never, more importantly, actually wear these items. So begins the Second Run. I put back all of this ridiculousness, pick up some mid rise boot cut jeans, some cowl neck tops, maybe even a few in pastel, and head on my way.

 Enter Baby E. As of late, I have found myself with many un-culled First Run purchases brought on by well-timed impending melt downs of unknown origins, diaper fiascos, hunger induced fits or, if she’s really on fire, a combination of the three.

Exhibit A.


 I’d love to tell you the picture is just blurry, (which it is) but no, the pattern is that busy. It’s a Vera Wang. Seemed like a great idea on First Run.

 To be fair, not all of my Baby E inspired purchases have been destined to live in the back of the closet, only to make their way in a year or so to Goodwill. I discovered the joy of a good pair of jeggings, and the confidence a pair of thigh high boots can bring. I have even found myself on the other side of the “where did you get that Fill in the Blank”, proudly sharing my savvy shopping excursions. Or, to be fair, Baby E’s.

Today I picked up a cropped jacket and some faux leather skinny jeans while shopping the clearance event at Kohl’s. E had been recently fed, was well rested, and generally content. I could easily have taken the time for a Second Run, but the truth is donning First Run picks has grown on me. It’s me, without the second guessing.




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