Best.Toy.Ever. (and it’s virtually free!)

Yup! That's It! A Repurposed snack container. Best. Toy. Ever.

Yup! That’s It! A Repurposed snack container. Best. Toy. Ever.


This repurposed puffs snack container is at the moment Baby E’s favorite toy, hands down. It’s a three-in-one puzzle, instrument  and hidden object game for endless baby fun. Gather some small toys and she has a blast discovering which ones fit in the lid for a shape sorter type puzzle. With the toys inside she shakes it all around and it’s an instrument. She can open and close the lid for fine motor skill fun, and peeks inside to see what’s making all that noise. Baby E loves to close it again, and then shake out the toys for some practice with object permanence. She can do all of these things by herself (though she loves assistance when she can get it!), allowing for 20 plus minutes at a time of engaged, brain stimulating, educational fun!

Puffs Container 1

This is a favorite at home and on the go, and because it’s made with an easy to replace snack container, taking it everywhere, from Grammie’s, to the beach, to playdates and parks, is worry free as there’s no expensive favorite toy to replace if it gets left behind or wrecked (though I must say the container is pretty sturdy, it’s survived many a Baby E Hulk Smash in the past month without having to be replaced).

Here are some very simple and pretty self-explanatory instructions on how to make your own three-in-one repurposed container toy!

1. Start with an empty snack container. The shape of this Happy Puffs container is easy for little hands to grab and the lid is easy to open and close. You can cut the label off easily as well if you’re so inclined.


2. Remove label and decorate (decoration optional!) I went with the educational look, adding some foam numbers along with a few glittery stickers.



3. Add some small toys, and have some on hand they can add, all small enough to fit but big enough to not be a choking hazard!



4. Play!


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