How Labor Prepared me to Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

When I gave birth to Baby E it was with no pain medication whatsoever. Not even an Advil. This wasn’t by choice, I was asking vehemently for an epidural but there was no time, she was ready to make her grand entrance. Clearly this was a painful process. They don’t call it laboring because it’s super fun. You can read the full story here.

Between breastfeeding and going gluten and dairy free I’ve been able to lose all the baby weight and then some, but up until recently have been what I like to call “skinny fat”. Thin but flabby. Anyone who’s had a baby knows that you have to go about 10 pounds or more under your pre-baby weight to fit into clothing the way you used to, as those hips aren’t going back. And with the stretched stomach and larger backside I was in need of some serious toning. So how does my experience of labor play into getting my post-baby body back into pre-baby shape? Enter Blogilates and the amazing Cassey Ho. If you are a mom of a young child, or know one, you are aware that moms of young children don’t often have hours of time available for a good workout every day, but we do have 15, maybe even 30 minutes here and there to pop a few squats or bang out some crunches. And up until recently that’s what I’d been doing, which had gotten me somewhat toned and trim, but still far from where I wanted to be. I needed a solid fitness routine, and preferably in time for swimsuit season. Through the blogging community I landed on Cassey’s website, The skies opened and the Angels sang.

An entire site dedicated to 5-25, give or take a few, minute YouTube videos of butt kicking, ab killing, arm burning workouts, not to mention healthy meal and snack ideas and recipes. The best part? She gives you a list of 5 or so videos to do every day and the order to do them in. Here’s the catch: They will make you burn and sweat, your heart will race and you will at times wish you could go through the screen and yell profanities. Kinda like labor. And at the moments when I want to press pause, or put my leg down after what feels like 15 minutes of pulsing out a kick, I gently remind myself, YOU PUSHED OUT A DAMN BABY, LADY. YOU CAN DO THIS! After three weeks of daily Blogilates workouts the scale, once stuck, has gone down 2 lbs and I’ve even received a few compliments from friends on my newly toned arms and tighter tush. Yay!

Post Workout Sweat Fest

Post Workout Sweat Fest

So if you’re a mom, and you’re feeling less than happy with your post-baby body, your fitness routine, or just need to spice up your workouts, I highly suggest Blogilates. It will be hard, and you might not get through every workout in perfect form at first, but remember, whether it was with an epidural or non medicated, you pushed out a damn baby. So push out the “I Can’ts” the “I Don’t Have Times” and the “I’ll just have a mom body forevers” and let the most healthy and gorgeous version of yourself there can possibly be emerge! Like a damn butterfly.



4 thoughts on “How Labor Prepared me to Get My Pre-Baby Body Back

  1. I’ve definitely been “thin but flabby”, and even though people might think you look good it’s hard to feel good about it! I’ve never heard of Blogilates but it sounds worth the sweat 🙂

    • Anna, Absolutely! Feeling good about yourself is far more important than the approval of others, I know if I don’t feel I look my best (or am doing all in my power to get there) I’m not my best in other areas of my life. Def take a peek at blogilates, so far it has been the best workout regimen for a “mom schedule”!

    • I have to admit that I too dream of a tummy tuck, there is definitely some loose skin that aside from some drastic measures I don’t see it moving! Luckily the more fit I become the less it looks like flab!

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