Wash.Rinse.Repeat. And Done.

With friends on vacation, music and swim classes over, and oppressively hot heat in CT we’ve been on a Wash. Rinse. Repeat cycle for a couple of weeks straight. Now that Baby E is more mobile, and more demanding in her entertainment (there’s only so many towers you can knock down and balls you can roll) the same routine day after day makes her one grumpy little Miss, making for one not so happy mama. Last Saturday I had enough, I couldn’t take another day inside with no where to go but air conditioned Target or ugh, the mall, and decided it was time for a trip to Grammie’s on the Cape.

We got here Tuesday, enjoyed a beach day Wednesday, a cloudy but warm Thursday, dinner with a friend, and a rainy, stormy Friday so far, but even with the bad weather the change of scenery and schedule has been refreshing and we’re looking forward to the weekend when Jer will join us. We’ve been able to go for walks in new places, swing outside to E’s heart’s content, and explore all sorts of rooms and surfaces.

This has also been good for a taste of our next tour when Jer will be deployed for periods of time and E and I will be on our own. I have a new appreciation for Jer’s ability to pack and unload a car with ease, and his nightly diaper washing duties (I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it here but yes, we cloth diaper, even while traveling).

In exciting news, E, who has up to this point crawled backwards and scooted on her butt is now crawling forwards! I anticipate my days being filled with more baby chasing and learning of new ways E can get into what she shouldn’t, but at least now she won’t backwards bulldoze herself and her toys into a corner.

This reprieve from the norm will come to an end Sunday, and our regular home life will resume. My goal next week is to find some new ways to avoid the Wash.Rinse.Repeat cycle if the hot, hazy or stormy weather rolls through and stays. Look for posts about some interesting Pinterest “Projects with babies” finds….

E loves the beach! Sand and all...sometimes too much...

E loves the beach! Sand and all…sometimes too much…

No really, it's delicious. Try it.

No really, it’s delicious. Try it.



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