Cape Vaca and A Thought on Childhood Memories

Baby E and I started our two-week Cape stay today, and the weather couldn’t be better. I was immensely proud of myself for sticking with my goal of not going back to bed after her 4:30 feeding. I was able to get a full workout in before she woke up, which with her speed crawling is now my best option for a workout.

The view on our morning walk. Not too shabby...

The view on our morning walk. Not too shabby…

The rest of the day was spent walking to the bay, strolling around Wellfleet Harbor, splashing in the water table and having some down time on the porch. A banner day for E and I. We’re off to the beach tomorrow, then the Chatham Fish Pier to hopefully see some boats unloading their catch.

At Wellfleet Harbor

At Wellfleet Harbor

Clearly in between all the fun is the typical day with a 10 month old, including messy meal times, temper tantrums when dog toys aren’t able to be chewed by babies, and lots and lots of diaper changes. Making plans around nap and meal times is a challenge, but well worth the effort. Having the opportunity to share my childhood with Baby E is priceless, and given our military life, I can’t say when the next time we’ll be able to spend two weeks on the Cape again will be so we’re doing our best to soak it all in.

E's first glimpse of commercial fishing

E’s first glimpse of commercial fishing

Between Instagram, Facebook and cameras on every device, even if she doesn’t remember each moment (or any moment for that matter, she’s 10 months old) the trip promises to be well documented. No worries, I am Ok with admitting that I am a social media and camera addict. I was thinking today how E’s memories of her childhood will be shaped by technology and social media. I have memories based on, well, memories, along with a few photos taken each year that fill in the gaps and prove I was there. My memories of my Montessori preschool are of a castle-like house with stained glass windows and endless rooms to explore. I went back to visit as an adult when I was going to Lesley for my M.Ed., and I found a modest home with a few tiny rooms blocked off for the school, a small stained glass window, and some basic plastic slides, climbers and tables on a patchy lawn for outside play. My memories were clearly built by the eyes of a child, and I am determined to hold onto those memories despite seeing through the eyes of an adult.

E, on the other hand, has so much of her life documented I wonder how her memories will be affected. Will she remember her childhood through the eyes of a child or through the lens of the camera? There’s something magical about the memories made as a child. A young mind isn’t stifled by the concreteness of reality.

My hope is that she remembers as a child and not entirely as it all really is and was. At least now I have an excuse as to why I haven’t made her a baby book or filled the multitude of photo albums we have ready and at hand.

4 thoughts on “Cape Vaca and A Thought on Childhood Memories

  1. Such a good point…that our childhood memories, made by our child-minds, may be so much different than what photos capture of that same place and time. I had never thought of it that way. And I agree, I much prefer my memories of those times and places over what the photos show. Wow…eye opening perspective! Made me think about how MY students are visualizing and making memories of their current school experience – and what they will remember 20 years from now of their/our school.

    • Ashley I have a feeling your students will remember the feeling of being protected, respected and loved more than anything, which is the most important thing they will ever learn, as that is the foundation of resilience

  2. Oh man, I just love Wellfleet. You are making me miss New England so much. Look at that shore. Oh man….I would just love to be there right now.

    What great pictures! You are making wonderful memories for both you and baby E!

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