Back Home with E the Explorer

We are back home after our two weeks on the Cape. It was wonderful to see E playing at the beach and loving every minute of it. She was a little scared of the big waves at the ocean but the bay side waves were just the right size and she couldn’t get enough of the sand and the water!

Herring cove on the Beach

There was so much to do everyday out there, between the big yard with the swing set, wagon rides around the neighborhood and long walks with the stroller, not to mention fun places like the Wellfleet Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and the Wellfleet Harbor.

Exploring Tidal Pools!

Exploring Tidal Pools!

I was nervous coming home as I had arrived with a baby who liked to stay in one place and play with toys for 40 minutes at a time, and was leaving with a speed crawler who is working on mastering stairs. I feared our townhouse wouldn’t accommodate her needs and I would have an irritated, bored baby on my hands. Luckily, my fears were unwarranted and E is loving exploring her home in a new way. We’re making up for lost time with playdates galore and the weather is warm and lovely for outside play. Life back in CT with E the on-the-go explorer is going well!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I can actually get a ton done around the house with her on the move. As I follow her around I tidy up the little piles of random stuff to be sorted, fold laundry here and there, and find cobweb and dust bunny hideouts all over the place.

On the downside I have had to resort to is night cleaning. Blah. Cleaning a house with an awake baby is like using an ashtray on a motorcycle. A useless endeavor. So after she goes to bed, the mopping and scrubbing commences. Fun fun. Between that, my 4AM workouts and chasing her about the house I am one tired mama!

On the fitness front I am patting myself on the back for continuing my 4AM workouts. I love the results I’ve seen with Blogilates and I’m determined to keep it up! Finding energy around 3 in the afternoon is a bit challenging, but nothing an iced coffee can’t combat. Thank God for caffeine.

What are your go to energy boosters? I’d love to know how you other moms out there keep up the energy all day and night!

2 thoughts on “Back Home with E the Explorer

  1. Welcome home!

    They grow so fast, don’t they. One minute they are laying on their backs and the next – off and running!

    I totally hear you on the 4 AM workouts. I actually go at 5 – but i’m up at 3 blogging or sewing. Basically i work on 2-3 hours of sleep. I know what you are saying by the afternoon – but it’s just the way life is.

    I try to eat good things. Amazingly the work out gives me energy and makes me feel better about myself, so that’s good.

    i can’t take naps, but a nap might help.

    Cleaning with kids awake, is I agree – fruitless.

    Welcome back! Have fun on the play dates!

    If you have a minute, link up to my new blog hop. I put the address in the website section. There are a good group of blogs there to connect with and grow with.

  2. Hey Lisa!
    Glad to be home, it was fun but I now need a vaca after a vaca!
    We just got a starbucks down the street (the closest one had been about 20 minutes a day) so I foresee replacing naps with lattes. But isn’t it weird how using energy creates energy? Totally with you on the working out for more energy. Until the crash. Like I said, espresso!!!
    3 am?? Good lord lady. I should do that too, I love blogging but I NEED to be better about making connections! I love your blog hops, again one of those things I need to be consistent about.
    Thanks again for the welcome home!

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