Balancing It All Part 2: Organizing This Crazy Life

So last time I talked about Balancing it All, meaning work, family, children, marriage, fitness, faith, friends, time for yourself, can we possibly fit anymore in, I talked about trade offs to make reaching the goals in all areas of our lives happen. My goal was to be more consistent with my fitness by getting up early early to get a good workout in, with the trade off being no more late week nights lounging with the husband. And….

I DID IT!! I’m going on week 4 of my 5 days-a-week 4am workouts with Cassey Ho at Blogilates. Combined with a 9pm bedtime (Jer says I’m like a farmer) it has been doable and definitely worth it. My fitness routine is consistent, I have way more energy during the day, and by 5am I’ve already accomplished a major goal, leaving me inspired to do more in other areas of my life.

It seems like this routine is working well, so I am going to go ahead and stick with it, and move on to my next goal in my effort to Balance It All: Family and Household Organizing.

This is not my forte. At all. I’ve tried what seems like a million ways to keep schedules in sync, do chores in a regular and timely manner (i.e. before it’s clear that it hasn’t been done in a while), and to keep piles of stuff from forming all over the place, with little to no success.

I have a Family Binder, filled with all sorts of organizing tools. So far it’s served well as a lovely addition to my magazine rack. We have iPhones, meaning we can sync calendars and memos. At the moment all we share via the iCloud are cute pictures of Baby E on our Photostream. I have a large, spacious Family Organizer in my mom bag with spaces for lists, regularly scheduled events, daily goals, monthly calendars, blah blah blah, that acts as a lovely prop to make me appear organized to onlookers when I’m out and about. A complete farce I promise you.

So why after all these failed attempts do I want to keep on trying? Why not just accept that I am never going to be Kimberlee from the Peaceful Mom, the guru of family organizing? For one I don’t want to live in a hectic, frazzled whirlwind, a fate I can see looming in the near future. At the moment, E’s schedule is pretty wide open, barring a few playdates, and Jer’s schedule is consistent, but very soon this will all change. Dance and Tot Skating classes will begin, we’ll be moving, Jer will be back on a boat, and I’ll be back on the market for friends in a new duty station. If I am finding it difficult to keep it all organized now, then I don’t want to think of how it will be in a few short months.

So, with all of that in mind, I went with something a bit more In Your Face this time. I don’t have to open it, pull it out of a purse, or turn it on. My Thirty-One Family Organizer. Now mind you I’ve had this thing for, oh, about two years now. It’s served well as décor in my home office. There’s a calendar right next to it, one of those make your own with your own awesome photos one, which at the moment has me 9 months pregnant on it. I’ll leave that one to the imagination.













Like the organizer? You can find it Here. I’ve combined this with my large Thirty-One tote, shown here hanging nicely on the stair rail, that serves as a collection place for Crap That Doesn’t Belong Downstairs.

Hanging bag of crap











Once it’s filled, (like now) it gets hauled upstairs (put that on today’s to-do list) and hopefully sorted and put away, not just dumped in a corner. But hey, at least it’s all out of the way downstairs! Small steps.

My goal for the next for weeks is to keep up with this system and make it work. Hopefully Part 3 will have good things to report!



One thought on “Balancing It All Part 2: Organizing This Crazy Life

  1. Who knows what the answer is. I wish I did.

    I have decided just to leave it. I’m blogging, sewing, trying to work out, homeschooling 3 kids and trying to instill important values. Sometimes, things just don’t get done, you know. It’s reality.

    My husband doesn’t say much, but if he did, I ask him – well what do you want me to stop doing. Tell me and I will do it. Do you want me to stop the blogging, or the sewing, or the homeschooling, the waking up at 3 AM to go to the gym, or the community projects or what.

    You think about it, Mama – and it’s really stupid. Right? You are only one person.

    Oh, and I have a kewl stroller giveaway on my blog. The click’n move 3. It’s a $399 value. Stop on over and enter. You can have something for the new babe! 🙂

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