Our Monday Night, or How We Earned Our “Emergency Room with Baby” Merit Badge

Monday night marked our first trip to the ER as parents. We all came out unscathed and with a clean bill of health, thank God!

And what brought about this lovely evening?

Tahini. Yup, that delicious Sesame seed concoction gave E quite the case of hives and a red, swollen face.

I had the ingredients to make a basic Hummus: chick peas, garlic, olive oil. All things she has had before, and all things that together would make a really delicious gluten and dairy free dip for some steamed veggies, a cracker or a slice of bread. But rather than make it and hope she likes it, why not have her try some first?

5:00 ~ First bite of Hummus from the store. Well received.

5:15 ~ Jer notices her face is red and puffy. Me: “Nah, it’s just from her sippy cup.”

5:16 ~ Jer: “No really, her face looks really red.” Me: “Oh ya, it does…” Jer: “This has Tahini. Has she had Sesame before?” Me: “Uhm…no.” (In my defense Sesame is supposed to be OK from 6 months on. A fact I learned after this whole episode, but regardless)

5:17 ~ Calling Dr.

5:20 ~ Ordered to go directly to ER

5:21 ~ Inner panic ensues and E is whisked off to the ER, conveniently located less than 5 minutes away.

5:30 ~ Check in, all vitals are good. E’s anyways. Lots of “Oh my God she is so cute!” Yup, even red and swollen she’s a heartbreaker. Proud mama.

A side view of the reaction

A side view of the reaction










Hangin in the ER

Hangin in the ER












6:00 ~ We see the Dr, who is very kid friendly, and get confirmation that yes, this is an allergic reaction, and yes, she’ll be fine. My blood pressure returns to a somewhat normal level, only to spike again when I’m told she’ll be on a form of Prednisone for 5 days. My breast milk drinking, strictly organic food eating precious baby girl?? Dr: “Well it will prevent any breathing difficulties or other life threatening reactions that may occur later on.” Me: “Ok, sounds good, we’ll take it.”

7:00 ~ Check out and head home to feed one hungry and far less swollen Baby E.

As of now E is doing fine, and has had no negative side effects from the Benadryl, Zantac and Prednisone. She hates the artificial grape flavoring they give to the medicine, and although it isn’t pleasant to make her take it, I’m kind of happy that she isn’t super excited to guzzle the stuff. I have hope for her palette.

All in all, our first visit to the ER was a tame one, and avoiding sesame shouldn’t prove any more challenging than avoiding gluten and dairy. One Parenting Merit Badge down, about 1,000 more to go.

Here’s to a boring rest of the week!




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