First Birthday Party and 1 Year Fun

We had E’s first birthday on the Cape and it was a wonderful success, cheesy mermaid decorations by Party City and all. We had a friend make an amazing gluten and dairy free cake for E, and she loved loved loved it! It is amazing to me how social she has become in just the past few weeks. She is totally over her Stranger Danger phase and now loves meeting new people.

E preparing the crowd for the entrance of her cake

E preparing the crowd for the entrance of her cake









As such she was quite the entertainer at her party, working the crowd from her high chair while she waited for her cake to come her way and loved all the attention as she opened her presents. It was priceless to watch her interacting with our friends and family, loving on aunts and uncles, cousins and family friends. It was also very relieving.

When E was born I made the decision to run my Mary Kay business part time, servicing my existing customers and taking on new customers if they happened to come my way for the first year of her life. I wanted to breast feed her for a year, make her food, take her to her first classes and playdates, and most importantly be her primary care giver day and night for her first year of life. As her first birthday was approaching I got my ducks in a row and began to work Mary Kay full time again, but was worried that her fear of strangers would make the once in a while babysitter to cover hours in between me leaving to do a party or attend a meeting and Jer coming home difficult. That and weaning were weighing heavily on my mind. But seeing her take to a large group of people, and people she had never met before, gave me reassurance that my little E is growing up and feeling secure enough now to be away from myself or Jer for a few hours at a time.

On the weaning front, we’re down to early mornings and nap time, which I am fine with for the time being. Every now and then she begs and pleads for a nursing session in the middle of the day, but I’ve found a frozen peach to soothe the gums, some water or soy milk to satisfy her thirst, and maybe a snack if it’s been a few hours since a meal tend to suffice and keep her satiated. Being that she often wants to nurse for the counter pressure to alleviate teething pain, in a pinch if all else fails I’ll give her some Tylenol. So far this has worked to help set some nursing boundaries and begin the weaning process. I have a feeling she’ll hold onto the early morning and nap time nursing sessions for a while.

Our other big news on the one year front came from our 1 year check up. Our trip last month to the ER for an allergic reaction to sesame resulted in her pediatrician prescribing an Epi Pen as sesame and peanut allergies are apparently closely related, and a referral to an allergy specialist. For obvious reasons I’m really hoping she’s not severely allergic to peanuts, or anything else for that matter, but we’ll take it one step at a time. Her appointment is on October 3rd, which seems like forever away, but judging how fast one year went, I imagine it will arrive in the blink of an eye and we’ll move forward from there.

As E’s first year came to a close we had a wonderful birthday party with friends and family, visits from family down south when we got back to CT, and although we have a few health hurdles to get over, it has all in all been a fabulous couple of weeks celebrating our E. I cannot wait to see what this little character has in store for us!

One very blessed little lady!

One very blessed little lady!

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