The Importance of Being More Than “Mom”

For those of you who didn’t know me pre-Baby E, I have been with Mary Kay as a consultant since August of 2011. When I had E I decided to put my business on the back burner and service only existing customers, and a few new ones who came across my path unexpectedly. I knew I eventually wanted to go back to working my Mary Kay business full time, to have a career while being a mom, but wasn’t sure when that time would click with life.

Jer graduated from his graduate school program at UCONN at around the time E turned one, which would be this past August 25th. I took a deep breath about a week before all of these milestones took place and booked my first Mary Kay party in about a year. I was nervous about the endeavor, questioning my ability to fit this in successfully with motherhood, my goal to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and with making time for Jer and I as a couple in all of it. Any doubt that this was the right thing to do was thrown out of my mind on a random August day in Target.

Anyone who has been in Mary Kay, or any direct sales company really, will tell you the importance of being able to chat it up with anyone who comes your way, and ultimately letting them know what you do and why they would be interested in learning more. So there I was, in line to check out at Target, behind a woman with a young boy in the shopping cart who was buying A TON of back to school clothes and supplies, in the order of $700 or so. She was a beautiful woman, who that day was sporting a baseball hat and baggy sweatpants, with her youngest in tow and clearly way too many things to get done in the next 24 hours. Having just made the decision to make Mary Kay my full time job again, and her stuck there due to a price check, in I went to make a conversation and a connection.

Me: “Wow, that is quite the back to school trip! I’m glad I have a few years before this one [Read: E] is going back to school”

Her: “Oh I have three more kids at home. Consider this your birth control for the month!” [No lie, that is what she said, HILARIOUS and so true…I may have become more careful about taking my Pill on time]

Me: (As E is playing on my iPhone) “She is always wanting to get my iPhone, I run my business off of the thing so she’s always seeing me on it!” (Notice the smooth transition to my Mary Kay business….)

Her: “Well at least she sees you working. My boys were playing firemen, and when I went over and asked them what I should do in the firehouse they said to cook dinner, because that’s what ladies do.”

Me: [a bit stunned by such a profound statement] “Well if anyone could use some me time you could, have you ever had a Mary Kay facial?”

She hadn’t, we exchanged numbers, laughed a bit more, the price check was taken care of and she left with her huge Target purchase and fourth child in tow.

I left with far more than a possible new client that day. I left knowing with no doubt in my mind that I needed to go back to working my business full time not just for my feelings of self worth and my family’s financial goals, but most importantly for Eloise.

She needs to know that women have choices: We can be moms and work. As women we can be full time moms and have goals beyond a clean house, ones that with the right opportunity can change the course of life as our family knows it. I want E to see me set high goals, reach many, but more importantly I want her to see me fail, and know that that’s OK, because I will always get back up, wipe the dirt off and try again until I get to where I know I am meant to be.

I imagine I will be forever grateful for that conversation and I look forward to seeing the fruits that grow from the seed it helped plant firmly in my mind.

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