Where the #@%& Does the Time Go??

No really, where does it go??

Prior to having a child there seemed to be sooooo many more hours in a day. 24 has been cut to about 2. Not really sure how it’s happened that I haven’t posted in, oh, months, but it has. Somewhere in the “balance” of life throwing things off the scales became a solid option. I’m back to working my business full time and am LOVING it, I’m a sneeze away from becoming a Future Director with Mary Kay and have met some wonderful women along the way who have blessed my life as both my new team members, fellow consultants and fabulous customers. Now I need to start leaning over and picking the thrown objects from the ground and getting them back on the scales. Mainly woking out and writing.

OK so to be honest my real impetus for my resurgence into balance in my personal life is The Reappearance of the Ring of Goo. That would be the “spare tire”, “muffin top”, “pooch”, or whatever you choose to call the lovely fat that makes a tunic over leggings look less than flattering. It’s amazing what 3 pounds can do to a body line.

My commitment: Get the %$&* out of bed early (like I used to before working more hours), get back my God given full 24 hours in a day and actually use my weight watchers app.


2 thoughts on “Where the #@%& Does the Time Go??

  1. Welcome back! Actually, I wanted to respond to what I think was your most recent post (play doh recipe) but there was no comment form :(. It’s really nice to see you back and blogging.

    I have a friend doing team beach body, so I am starting that on Monday. Haha! I have never done a fad diet, but I’m trying it sans shakeology as I cannot stand shakes, and refuse to loose weight eating or taking anything else other than real food that I buy at the store.

    Good luck with your working out. Looking forward to the next post!

    • Thanks girl! Ya, I got side tracked and then a day became a week, a month, yadayadayada. Good to know about the play dough post :/ I’ll have to fix that! I love the T25 workout by Sean T via Beach Body, but it is insane!! I lost a ton of weight breastfeeding and I am determined to keep it off, we’ll see….let me know how it goes!!

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