Traveling Tips From the Nomads

We are a military family, which translates into going on road trips All.The.Time. Read nearly every weekend. Whether it’s visiting family, weddings, family celebrations, or house hunting for our new duty station, we are always on the move.

As such we’ve learned a few things along the way. What to bring, what not to bring, how to amuse a toddler in various locations, best places to buy wine from Cape Cod to Florida. We’ve learned it all, and I am now passing our great knowledge base on to you. You’re welcome.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you would know to bring the basics, such as clothing, a place for your little ones to sleep if they’re still in a crib or toddler bed and there isn’t one available, etc. So once you’ve got those items in order, here are some other items to consider bringing along for the ride.

Toddler Trip Faves.jpg

1. A Scented Item: Our sense of smell is second only to our sense of sight. Familiar smells are comforting for kids and adults alike. Baby E has a Scentsy warmer in her room with the Luna scent. I got her a Scentsy Buddy that has a scent pack with the same Luna scent for when we travel to make her feel comforted and at home in whatever crib or pack n play she happens to be resting in for the weekend.

2. A Thermal Tote: With babies, toddlers and kids there are always special foods they love that you just need to have on hand. For special milks, yogurts, etc that need to be refrigerated, a thermal tote is a great option as it is easier to fit into the Tetris puzzle than a cooler and doubles as a grocery store staple for keeping refrigerated and frozen foods cold in the Spring and Summer. This one is from Picnic Gift.

3. Favorite Toys and a Way to Keep Them Together: Books travel well. Toys and puzzles with parts, not so much. Gathering all the bits and pieces is the first step, followed by pieces getting lost and left behind. Solution: Clear cosmetic bags. Keep small parts and puzzle pieces in clear cosmetic bags with what they go to for easy packing, and a more organized play room at home. This is part of a Mary Kay Roll Up Bag. All of E’s puzzle pieces and art supplies are kept in roll up bags around her play area. Genius.

4. Extend the Play: Bring arts and crafts supplies like paper and glue to extend the play into art and sensory activities. When you’re in non kid-proofed places keeping them busy is key to avoiding mishaps and replacing broken items. It might not be thrilling for you to explore your parents’ or your in-law’s back yard, but it sure is for the little ones. Keep them occupied after the outdoor play making collages like this one out of things they found outside. I followed E around and picked up pieces of things she was enamored by, which we then made a collage out of.

These are our tried and true favorites for our weekends away, what are your go to items for traveling with your kids?

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