Spring 2014 Must Haves, All $100 or Less

Spring 2014 Must Haves
I am so excited for what this Spring’s fashion has to offer. Yes, the crop top is making a comeback, but paired with a full midi length skirt or wide leg trousers you have a sophisticated and fun look. Denim is everything from vintage inspired flares to ankle length skinnies and the ever so comfortable shirt dress is back. The one shown here from Express will look good on nearly every figure with its forgiving, easy design.
As moms it’s easy to get locked into the “can’t afford it” mentality for on-trend fashions, but with each piece here $100 or less, one or two additions per month from now until Summer will get your wardrobe up to date and ready for a few add ons for Summer and Fall.
If that isn’t doable, pick one item that you just absolutely love, like the classic trench coat, the white pump, or your favorite denim style, and make that your Spring/Summer addition.
Here are some other ways to update your wardrobe for little or no money this season:
  • Look at What You Already Have: Many styles this season are harkening back to the 90s and tried and true classics. Give your closet a good once over, you may have a few hidden gems in there!
  • Consignment Shops: I’ve found J.Crew items with the tags still on at consignment shops, and with so many retro, vintage and classic styles coming back, you are bound to find one ore two items in good condition at a local consignment shop.
  • Have A Clothing Swap Party: Invite the girls over for a swap party where everyone brings pieces in good condition they just don’t wear anymore and swap away!
  • Buy at the End: On-trend styles rarely vanish into thin air next season. Buy at the middle to end of the season, when the next season’s styles are making an appearance, and enjoy sale and clearance prices.

Happy Soon to be Spring and Happy Shopping!

Shirt dress

Topshop fitted shirt

Dex long sleeve top

H M beige trench coat
$67 – hm.com

French Connection blue wide leg pants

Kut from the kloth jeans

Bleached jeans

Short sleeve blouse

One thought on “Spring 2014 Must Haves, All $100 or Less

  1. Love this post! I have also seen the white pumps being in style. I would love a pair of ankle length distressed skinnies! I just got my first utility jacket and it is light-weight so I am excited to use it as a transitional piece this Spring. 🙂

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