*Wink* *Wink* Wednesday: Using Eyeshadow to Appear More Awake and Rested, and An Ode to the Skinny Belt

Raise your hand if you get enough sleep. Ah, yes, no hands up I see.

Eyeshadow may not be able to make you feel more rested, but it can certainly make you look like you’re averaging more than four hours a night. A well applied accent color can lift the eye area, making your eyes appear more open and you more awake. Combine this with a winged liner on the top lash line and do away with the ever so flattering “You look tired…” comments once and for all.

I’m hopeful that Spring, now arrived,  will actually show its face one of these days. In honor of this elusive season I chose to use Spring’s color, Radiant Orchid (otherwise known as purple) for an eye look. To really make it pop I’m wearing it with a bold print blouse with purple accents. Matching your eye looks to your outfit is a great way to pull off bolder eye colors that you might otherwise never try.

Purple Eye Look.jpg


In A. and B. you can see the upward angle the accent color creates, pulling the corner of the eye up and out. The liner, heavier on the outside corner with a wing and lighter towards the inner eye aids in creating an even more defined upward angle. With the eyes open, you see the light all-over color on the lids and a bright inner eye area, aided by a light beige creamy pencil in the inner corners. This helps make the eyes appear larger and further apart. With these simple techniques at play the eyes appear more open, making even this sleep deprived mom look awake! All in all this is a basic tri-color eye look, which you can learn to do here with my tutorial, and here’s how to do a winged liner look.

On my lips I’m wearing a purple tinted pink lip gloss. I’m not sold on the purple lip colors yet, but I’m liking this pink with a hint of purple from Mary Kay’s At Play line.

The blouse I’m wearing is one of my favorite random Kohls clearance rack purchases. I bought it soon after E was born, before I lost all the baby weight and then some, so now it fits very loosely, a look that isn’t flattering on a pear shape like myself. Enter the Skinny Belt.

multi colored shirt collage.jpg

If there is one accessory you should have multiples of it’s the Skinny Belt. Here I’m wearing the belt just a hair above my natural waistline, to both elongate my torso and to add an A-Line shape to the blouse. Skinny Belts can not only lengthen the life of a too-big shirt or blouse, they can also change the appearance of your torso length, give you a more defined waistline, and take a T-Shirt with jeans or even yoga pants from “threw it on cause it was on top of the pile” to an intentional look. If you can find the adjustable ones, even better, as you can wear those as belts for both pants and shirts.

Now you can look well rested and like you totally had time to think about your outfit.

xoxoxo – Olivia

8 thoughts on “*Wink* *Wink* Wednesday: Using Eyeshadow to Appear More Awake and Rested, and An Ode to the Skinny Belt

  1. Olivia you look lovely awake and rested. Great blouse too. Kohls is one of my favorite places to shop . Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! Kohls is amazing for deals, I get compliments on my outfits all the time, to which I reply “clearance at Kohls!” Looking great doesn’t have to be pricey

  2. So enjoyed visiting your blog! I always need great beauty tips…thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!!

  3. Oh my goodness I needed this! Being that I’m in graduate school, I swear I get negative hours of sleep. I promise! Your eyes look amazing!!!! I seriously can not wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    x Dani

    • Oh my goodness I remember those days! I worked during the day then commuted an hour to go to grad school, it was so exhausting! I think I got more sleep with a newborn. I’m glad you found this helpful 🙂

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