Kids and Cousins

Jer and I will be packing up the family and moving to VA in May, when Jer will start at his new Duty Station with the Coast Guard. In the meantime we’re taking as many opportunities as we can to visit with my family in the New England area.

There are few things as wonderful as seeing your child play with your sibling’s kids. You see your sibling in their child, and you in yours, and in a very special way you get to see a glimpse of your childhood. A tiny flashback of you playing together plays out before your eyes.

My sister and I are five years apart, me the baby and her the big sister. Similarly, E is 19 months, and her son is 3 1/2. He, like my sister was to me, is wonderful to E, allowing her tow along in any and all activities. Like my sister and I, their games and play in general are often creative and down right hilarious.

Our future luger and her coach.

Our future luger and her coach.

And very sweet. Even stickers were shared.

Sticker Fun with Henry


Then, we had the ULTIMATE Dance Party.

We are able to wrangle these two to sit with my sister and her twins for a picture, a priceless miracle!

E with Henry Twins and Rose on couch

It would be wonderful if we could always live close to these loves. But as the old adage goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I appreciate our time together that much more, especially the time our kids have together, as kids, while we can make it happen.

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