We Might Not Be Perfect, But We Can Always Drink Up and Be Better.

Water that is.

There’s no question that we perform at our best when we feel our best. In an ideal world we’d all be doing two hours of Yoga and meditation in the morning with a bowl of fruit and quinoa for breakfast, getting our cardio in before lunch, followed by the sauna or a massage at the spa. Then there’s real life. Or at least my real life.

Get up. Make E breakfast. Whip up a smoothie and throw back some coffee. Play and art with E, maybe a playdate, lunch for E, and she goes down for a nap. Get in a T-25 DVD (sometimes). Shower and get ready for the day. Film a tutorial or blogging in general. Check in with clients. Quick lunch for myself. Check a few things off my to-do list if she’s still sleeping. Repeat the AM activities with E (sans the breakfast part), an outing (like the every so thrilling grocery store), dinner, bath, bed for E, wine for me, time with Jer, and get some more work in.

In between it all I try to make healthy food choices, try being the operative word. Here are the Mung beans I bought at the Food Co-Op to make sprouts with.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

They’re now working as the shaker part of a musical instrument of sorts, the body of which is from a Coke Zero I grabbed on a Target run. No sprouts have been made. Like I said, I try.

There is however one thing I make a point to do each and every day. I drink at minimum a half gallon of room temperature water. Yup, 8 cups at least of water every day. And no, diet soda of any variety doesn’t count.

So….why all the water?

  • Get Your Body “Flowing”. Call it Qi, call it regularity, call it what you will. A stopped up system is a bad one to have. Keep your body and your body’s energies flowing with hydration.
  • Oh, you saw that room temp thing? Cold water is a shock to the system, specifically the stomach and gut. Not good for the whole flowing system we’re going for. See more here. 
  • Your face is the first place dehydration will show up. Sunken skin, darker under eye circles, and dry, peeling lips are all signs of dehydration. If any of these seem to be creeping up on you day after day, a few more glasses of water may be called for.
  • Detoxing Your body gets rid of unwanted substances (read toxins we come into contact with on a day to day basis) through eliminating waste (are you seeing a pattern here with with this “flow” thing?) These toxins affect our bodies and our appearance through poor functioning and dull skin, hair, and eyes. Help give your body its best chance to eliminate toxins by staying hydrated.
  • Your General Mood and Mindset Dehydration causes headaches, fatigue and irritability. Life is hard. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Drink up.

Room temperature water in and of itself, especially 8 cups of it, can be a boring proposition. Add some lemon (great for sparking up your Liver Qi, the one responsible for all that flowing), or some cucumber (a natural diuretic to aid in detoxifying) or some mint (great for the stomach and gut). Try all three with my Detox Water and get to drinking!




– Olivia




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