Welcome to My Wedding Season Series! 1. Foundation & Facial Contouring

We are all full up this wedding season, with the first coming up in a few weeks! (Congrats Ryan and Erin!) I love special evenings and events, though I may love getting ready for them even more. The clothes, the shoes, the accessories, the MAKEUP! Sadly there are few occasions in my daily life as mom where facial contouring, bold lips or a smokey eye is called for. But when it is, I love that I know how to do it and I’m excited to share how in my Wedding Season series!

Styling yourself for wedding season (or any event) doesn’t have to be pricey. Scour your closet for fun accessories and keep your eyes out for great deals on pieces that will go well with what you have. Here’s what I’ll be wearing to the April wedding (and possibly a few more….)

Wedding Attire.jpg

I found this Calvin Klein dress on clearance at Marshall’s while shopping with a client for her wardrobe essentials a few days ago and had to have it. It’s center panelling slims as it draws the eyes in, and it also happens to fit perfectly. I grabbed it for $32! I’ve had this necklace and earrings for many years now, and few outfits can pull it off, but this one can. With it’s chocolate satin material and plunging neckline the dress pairs perfectly with the bold turquoise of this cascading Native American inspired statement necklace and matching turquoise earrings. Nude heels are a great way to elongate your legs and body line, something a dress like this always looks good with. I grabbed these stilettos a few months ago on clearance at Target (pretty sure I was running in for laundry detergent). I also have a brown clutch that has disappeared via the Baby E Relocation Project, I need to find that.

Playing up your features with dramatic eye and lip looks for special occasions is a great way to accentuate your outfit and feel gorgeous to boot! Help draw even more attention to your gorgeous smokey eyes or bold red lips with some basic facial contouring that you can learn to do yourself with my tutorial. You’ll notice in the video I say this is applicable for everyday wear, which it is, so if your everyday life is far more exciting than mine (or it’s a daytime event!) this will wear beautifully!

What I use in the Video:


Mary Kay Primer

Mary Kay Matte Wear Foundation

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Mary Kay Highlighting Pen

Mary Kay Translucent Powder

Mary Kay Bronzer


Foundation Brush

Concealer Brush

Powder Brush

Blush Brush


Next week I’ll be featuring a tutorial on Smokey Eyes and what lip colors to pair a smokey eye look with!





7 thoughts on “Welcome to My Wedding Season Series! 1. Foundation & Facial Contouring

  1. Great tutorial!! So helpful! Where do you get your brushes – I’m always on the prowl for some good ones 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! I use a Mary Kay foundation, blush and powder brush in this one, and a concealer brush from BareEscentuals. I love the price point and quality of Mary Kay products, though I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown brushes as well!

  2. Sweeeet! I’m so ignorant when it comes to contouring + I desperately want the smokey eyes tutorial you’ll be doing.

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