We’re Going on a Letter Hunt!

E’s favorite first syllable in the entire world is “b”. If anything begins with a B she wants to know about it. Butterfly, bird, (“da bir”, apparently I refer to all birds as “the” bird), blue whale, you get the point.

Since putting an E in her arsenal of play dough cookie cutters, among other letters, E can now pick out an E! The letter has meaning to her, as I refer to it as “E” for Eloise. In similar fashion the letter B has earned a space among the play dough cookie cutters as she loves its sound, and is developing meaning for her. So with that in mind, I created a Treasure Hunt for the Letter B to help her learn to recognize a B.

Letter Treasure Hunt Collage.jpg


I’ve discussed in previous posts the importance of letting the child lead in regards to learning skill sets like letter recognition, counting, etc. If your little one is repeating a certain sound, is pointing to letters or words in books, or notices printed words in their environment, then this may be a great activity for them too! If you don’t have a sand table, a bucket with sand (or cornmeal) is a great alternative. If you can get outside to do this then all the better as it is a hands on and clearly sandy project.

E liked this so much that I kept the “treasure hunt” going for a few days. She loved digging and finding the buried items, especially since she could use “b” in some way to describe them all. I added some beans into the second section of her sand table (which was already housing some corn kernels) to bring another B word into the mix. She enjoyed mixing and then carefully separating the bean/corn mix from the sand. This was great as it not only afforded another opportunity for language but also for fine motor skills like the pincer grasp to pick up the beans as well as all of the digging.

As E adds new works to her repertoire and gains appreciation for different letter sounds I will most definitely be repeating this again. I hope your little ones enjoy it too!

Happy Hunting!





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