*Wink* *Wink* Wednesday. Or Thursday. A Purple Smokey Eye for Daytime

Yup, I’m a day late! I thought it was Tuesday for most of yesterday. A classic faux pas in the life of a stay at home/work at home mom. A Monday is a Tuesday is a Friday!

My Wednesday/Thursday Eye Look is inspired by my upcoming second tutorial in my Wedding Season Series. In my first post in the series, a tutorial on facial contouring, I mentioned that next week I’ll be doing a Smokey Eye tutorial, and A LOT of you were excited for this! Thank you to all of my readers, I appreciate every comment and email tremendously.

So with the clear demand for smokey eyes I decided to do a daytime friendly smokey eye in purple for Wink Wink Wednesday/Thursday/Whatever.

Purple Smokey Eye Open Keep .jpg

You get the dramatic effect of a smokey eye, but with a toned down purple as opposed to a bold black.

PSE Shut Keep.jpg

With a smokey eye, as opposed to a tri-color eye look, keep the accent color within and just above the outer crease line, and make an upward tilting triangle in the outer corner.

PSE Side Open Keep.jpg

For daytime don’t line the waterlines, and don’t line the entire way across the lower lashes. Instead line a pinky finger width in the outer corner of the lower lashes and make it meet the upper lash line. Skip the mascara on the lower lashes as well.

PSE Side Shut Keep.jpg

A close up of the upward tilting triangle the accent color makes in a smokey eye.

PSE Tools Keep.jpg

Here’s an idea for a color palette and the tools to use for a daytime smokey eye. I used a Smashbox pencil and gel liner, with the gel on the lower lash line and on the kitten wing. Keep the outer crease color (the accent color) a matte one, and add shimmer only in the inner crease color and the beige for the center line/inner corners.

I’ll get into more detail and walk you through step by step how to do a smokey eye in the upcoming tutorial, but hopefully this will tide you over till then!

If you’re going for a dramatic eye look, whether day or night (barring it’s a black tie event) wear natural (just add a clear gloss) or neutral lip colors. Choose either a statement necklace OR statement earrings for daytime, not both, as there’s a lot going on with the eyes in and of themselves.

Purple is THE color for 2014 (Radiant Orchid to get specific) so don’t hesitate to match your eye color to a purple piece in your outfit. I hope you have fun with this look and I can’t wait to share the tutorial with you!

XOXO – Olivia



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