Homemade Foot and Handprint “Spring Flowers” Card for Easter or Mother’s Day

Final Ta Da.png

I can’t take full credit for this ridiculously cute art project. I originally saw a version of it on Sassydealz.com, one of my favorite blogs for getting ideas for kids arts and crafts. This brilliant woman uses wine corks for various art projects. Like I needed another excuse to drink wine, but I’ll take it!

Her version of this is polished and flawlessly executed. I myself am a sucker for the “I Made This” style of cards and gifts, so I combined the foot prints with some hand prints and a little collage for the flowers and grass. Projects like this are great for helping children learn to follow directions and for developing fine motor skills as they have to make the project in ordered steps and carefully place pieces in specific spots. Process art is wonderful and should be the main focus for art in early childhood, but don’t hesitate to add in projects every now and then with a specific outcome like this one.

Here’s how to make your own!

First Steps Toe and Hand Flowers .jpg



how To Second Steps Foot Flowers .jpg

I’m not sure which part was more fun for E, the painting or the cleanup. She loved the soapy water and exploring the bubbles. This kept her entertained for a good 10 minutes, followed by the fun job of sopping up the spilled water with paper towels. Also incredibly fun for E.

After the paint dried I measured the width of the “flowers” and made the flower bottoms, stems and leaves. E helped me carefully glue them in place, along with the “grass” at the bottom. I’m going to leave the front blank and put “Happy Easter” on the inside with a message for the grandparents and have E “sign” them.

I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a disaster or adorable, so I used a large sheet of regular craft paper. Next time I will use card stock for this project, as it definitely ended up on the adorable side of the art project spectrum.

Have fun crafting with your cuties!





3 thoughts on “Homemade Foot and Handprint “Spring Flowers” Card for Easter or Mother’s Day

  1. What kind of paint is best to use for projects like this?

    (Easiest to remove and safe for kiddos in case a finger gets put in my baby’s mouth before the suds do the trick!)

    • That is a great question, and one I should have covered. So I use the Crayola washable paints, they are non-toxic, and at 20 months E is pretty good about not trying to eat the paint, tho we’ve had some green mouths on occasion with no bad outcomes. There are some decent recipes for homemade paints, but none of them make a good craft project, as they dry very lumpy and with little color. More of just a fun sensory activity. Here’s a link to a post I did with a good recipe for homemade finger paints, but again, it won’t come out as well as with the washable paints. http://meandbabye.com/2013/08/11/getting-down-and-dirty-sensory-play-with-older-babies/ I hope that info helps!

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