Dinner, Laundry, Chores, The Odd Bodily Fluid Spill…Bueller, Bueller? Here’s How to Organize and Delegate Your Own Unique To-Do Lists

Yup, we’ve got a lot on our plates. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a work from home mom, a working mom, or, a mom of any kind, we’ve got a lot to do. So when I say things like “take at least five minutes a day for you” or show you a tutorial on how to best apply makeup, I imagine some of you busy mamas may be giving me sideways glances from afar.

Skin Dull

I’m sorry, you said eye shadow? I heard change multiple diapers and get some form of food on the table for dinner.

So rather than tell you how you can use those sometimes (or all the time?) unattainable five minutes to treat yourself with some pampering and beautification, I’m going to instead show you how to get a hold of those five minutes, each and every day.

Hey, Remember That Time You Helped Me Fold the Laundry? Ya, Me Neither. 

Does this sound familiar: I have to focus on what needs to get done right at this moment, so I never get ahead, and I wonder why no one sees all that there is to do and just does some of it.

This can be even more frustrating if you have a babysitter, mommy’s helper, nanny or other help that isn’t doing as much around the house as you’d like. Wait before you judge me on that one, I’ve worked as a nanny and a childcare provider, including working for a family with a four year old and infant twins. Housework and cooking is absolutely part of the gig and is doable. The thing is, whether it’s a husband, in-law, your own mother, or hired help, it’s often not that those around you are purposefully ignoring what needs to be done, rather, they haven’t been directly asked or told what to to and so…just don’t. If you’re an initiator like myself you may be having a minor meltdown at that last statement. Trust me. Most people need to be told what to do.

Organize and Delegate 

Chores and Meal Prep To Dos.jpg


As a work from home mom I know that I myself can always use some extra direction. Having mom friends who are working, stay at home moms, have nannies, do it all themselves, and really just run the whole gamut of mommyhood, I’ve begun to realize that we all could use some organization and direction.

I have to admit that when I read blog posts a while back about creating meal plans and cleaning schedules I wasn’t so convinced. I tried a few but fill in the blank plans and schedules didn’t fit my life or my needs, so although I filled them out, binders and all, I never followed them. But after creating my own customized meal plan with meal prep to-dos, a chore schedule, and lists of upcoming projects I want to actually get done in the next month, or year, I started to wonder why haven’t I been using these all along?

Here are the components I use:

  • A meal plan with dinners for each night, along with a list of things that can be done throughout the day to prep for the evening meal. Either yourself, your older kids, child care providers (you get the idea) can see what needs to be done to make dinner time easier.
  • A grocery list for the meals you have planned based on what you already have, along with the regular items you always need. If you’re sick, or otherwise unable to do the grocery shopping (or have the option to have someone else do it) you have a complete list of all you need for the week at hand.
  • A cleaning schedule. On this list each day of the week has its To-Do items. I get it, toilets aren’t hard to clean. But keeping a house clean and tidy is. When someone wants to know what they can do to help, or you want to clearly state what needs to be done, either to yourself or someone working for you, this is your go-to list.
  • Short term and long term to-dos. This is really just for you. What projects have you been putting off? Set the goal and get them done!

Yes, I am asking you to spend more time on the front end for a large payback of time in the future. Your cleaning schedule won’t vary much, and you’ll have your “regulars” on the grocery list. Once you have your lists done, you can start delegating. This, my friends, can be the scariest part. Take a deep breath, let it go, and give the to-dos to those who can do it. This includes you. You can do it.

I’d love to help you customize your meal plans, schedules and to-do lists. Connect with me at meandbaby.e@gmail.com or comment below for more on how I can help you bring it all together and give you more time for you time!





5 thoughts on “Dinner, Laundry, Chores, The Odd Bodily Fluid Spill…Bueller, Bueller? Here’s How to Organize and Delegate Your Own Unique To-Do Lists

    • It’s definitely something that takes time to get into the habit of doing. I take time on Sunday and Monday evenings to visit my favorite sites, fifteenspatulas.com and skinnytaste.com to find healthy meals that i think we’d all enjoy. It’s become really fun to try new recipes!

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