Easter Weekend 2014 and A Bit on The Unexpected Beauty of Childhood Transitions

Easter 2014.jpg

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with my family in Massachusetts. The weather was gorgeous, everyone was healthy, and the Easter Bunny was on point with his baskets. E was the recipient of a dazzlingly glamorous octopus, bubbles and stickers. Cousin H walked away with Heatwave the Rescue Bot and a front loader. The twins were thrilled with their bottles of breastmilk, and Easter Egg hunting was a success, though E was less than thrilled with candy. A win in my book. Not to worry, she did get a delicious treat she actually liked, some yummy carrot cake after Easter dinner.



The past few weeks have been a bit trying for E and I, so a lovely family weekend with lots to do and new places to explore was well received by all. E has seemingly overnight gone from a young toddler to a budding two year old (though that isn’t actually happening until August). The days of playing contentedly with her with favorite toys and books are over. Her appetite for exploring her world and new experiences is insatiable. Sadly this took me some time to acclimate to. Rather than meeting her new gusto for life with open arms I became frustrated that I couldn’t get done what I used to be able to during the day.

Then I gave myself a talking to. It went something like this:

Look at her. She’s a miracle. An amazing, beautiful little miracle who wants to know everything this world is about and what it has to offer. And you get a chance to fall in love with her all over again as she grows and blossoms in this new segment of her childhood.

For this small snippet of time you have to opportunity to help her learn and explore all that she can get her little hands on. And in a moment, she’ll be off learning about things you’ve either forgotten or never learned yourself, and your role of sidekick will be over. So for now, let her join in on all you do, even if that means 15 minute laundry sessions and numerous walks around our neighborhood. The rest of the to-do’s can wait. Every now and then I get it right when talking to myself.

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve restructured my expectations for what I can get done during the day and subsequently rescheduled my day. E and I are both happier and it shows in her behavior. Fewer tantrums, more fun, and a once again peaceful home.

Water Play Happy .jpg

All is well, until the next transition, at which time I will hopefully have already learned to take it in stride and go with the flow of E.

One thought on “Easter Weekend 2014 and A Bit on The Unexpected Beauty of Childhood Transitions

  1. Nice self-talk! It is all about exploration for us as parents and the children no matter what age! Letting Go and finding New Ways isn,t always easy… Your a WONDERFUL MOM
    HUGS Wendy XO

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