Instead of Fashion Friday, Epic Fail Friday! And How Our Organized Ways Saved Us From Utter Chaos

And no, not in the style realm. This week has been an epic fail in terms of what we had planned, and for a much anticipated get away for Jer and I. The cold Jer had the week before hit me on Monday and E on Tuesday. I rarely get sick, so if I get it, it’s a monster, and this one most certainly is. Fever, epic snot, the whole gamut of fun.

Myself as I write this post. I'm sporting a lovely red nose as a nod to the nautical stripes.

Myself as I write this post. I’m sporting a lovely red nose as a nod to the nautical stripes.

Between getting ready to move and trying desperately to have one night out before Jer goes back to the ever so lovely boat schedule, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Not much was done in terms of the move, and the weekend plans were a bust. For myself at least. Jer headed out this morning for the wedding, which I can’t begrudge him, it’s a high school friend and all, though I’m pretty sure my stare as I said “bye” when he left bore a hole into his inner being.

One positive take away from this week is a much stronger adoration for our family’s organization, and in particular, our weekly plan. Lesson learned:

A well oiled machine is easy to run and manage when sickness or other debilitating circumstances strike.

Despite feeling like death warmed over, by just going through the regular motions I was able to keep up with the housework and laundry, leaving me time for my work and blogging, and we had a fresh cooked dinner every night made from real food.

Yup, we’re those people. Organized planners. I’m not one by nature, but after years of struggling with a rare learning disorder I made myself (or, to be fair, my mother made me via specialists) into one. Jer, this comes naturally to him. Now we had lots and lots of time to come up with a way to be efficient both financially and time wise in family life as it took us two years to get pregnant with E. Lots of time for spreadsheets and plans. That’s a whole different story, the end is sweet and lovely. Back to the topic at hand, as with all best laid plans ours had to have some tweaking here and there, but for the most part, it looks something like this:

Weekly To Dos .jpg

So, Olivia, you’re a dork, awesome. Well, perhaps, but more importantly, this level of organization saved our butts this week. Not only did we start out with a not Pinterest perfect but in good shape house, but I was able to keep on top of what needed to be done and didn’t forget those things that creep up on you little by little, like those seemingly small piles of laundry that somehow breed overnight.

I feel that people often see ideas like this and find it all a bit overwhelming, so let me break it down: By having a plan you won’t forget to take care of each and every area in your house, eliminating the bathroom horrors and science experiments in the fridge. Rather than spend an entire day cleaning or doing laundry, that if you miss will leave you buried and unable to really catch up, just do a little every day. Here’s how:

Pick one thing to do in the bathrooms, bedrooms, upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, etc, and mark those items down for a specified day. Do the same for all other things that need to be done, and voila, you have a weekly plan. Reminders like “take the toys in” may seem trite, but how many times have you left the sandbox open in a rainstorm? Life is busy, and little nudges are helpful.I myself have found that the fill-in-the-blank planning sheets I’ve tried for home and work, though visually appealing, aren’t all that useful to me as they don’t fit my needs exactly. I prefer to use good ol’ Excel (or Numbers for Mac).

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend, and although my week turned out less than ideal and left me with a strong dislike for the college students who gave this to my husband, it did give me the idea to share our planning strategies with you. Hopefully you find it somewhat helpful, or at least mildly entertaining.

P.S. This post goes well with this one that I wrote on making easy to follow meal plans and lists of what needs to be done for yourself and those around who can and/or should help out.





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