Wedding Season Series Part 4. Skincare for the Event and Every Day

Whether it’s a reunion, wedding or favorite yearly gathering, it’s so tempting to run to the spa for a “rejuvenating”  anti-aging facial, chemical peel or other professional treatment to shave a few years off. Before you book your treatment there are a few things you should consider.

  • If you’ve had the treatment before and it went well, then by all means go ahead and get pampered (though read on before you make a final call).
  • If you’ve never had the treatment, or haven’t had it done at the place you’re considering going to, then make sure you’re having it done at least a week out, or forgo it all together. Undoing the damage from a bad reaction to a skincare product or treatment can be a long, sometimes painful, and often unattractive process.
  • Many of the “best anti-aging” treatments do nothing more than cause inflammation and actually speed up the aging process in the long run. Various scrubs, peels, and acids help to reveal a more youthful appearance, but they do it by inflaming your skin, causing it to be swollen and therefore appear to be more plumped up with fewer visible fine lines and wrinkles. The short term gain is not worth the long term damage. Rule of thumb: If it’s so harsh that it should only be applied professionally, do a good amount of research on the process and possible side effects. Lasers, for example, commonly cause Milia, small white bumps that have to be professionally removed. An at home microderm scrub and a moisturizer designed for your skin type will go a long way to a glowing complexion.

Treat Your Face Right 

Instead of investing your money and time into expensive spa procedures, consider investing in a good daily use skin care line and put your best face forward every day, not just on special days. If it’s less than a week to the event, hold off on switching skin care lines as it’s not uncommon for a new skin care line to cause minor breakouts as your skin adjusts to the pH.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a skin care line:

  • Stick to One Line: Your skin has a pH, as do the skincare products you use. Keeping to one line as much as possible will help to keep the pH of your skin in balance, helping fend off dry spots, oil slicks and random blemishes.
  • Keep it Simple: The fewer products you put on your skin the better, especially for oil prone skin. When it comes to figuring out what caused any bad reactions, or dryness or oily areas, if you’re using 11 products on your face determining the culprit can be tricky.
  • SPF: Make sure your skincare routine includes a daily Broad Spectrum SPF 35 or higher. Sun exposure is the the second best way to age yourself. Smoking is the first.
  • Opt for what works: not just what’s popular. With so many latest and greatest skin care products and lines on-trend it’s hard to know what to believe. Just because it’s popular at the moment doesn’t mean it’s best for your skin. If you want to try a new line or product, again make sure you have at least a week to fix any possible bad reactions, and use common sense. If you have oily skin, smearing a mineral oil based product on your face is a bad idea.

Once you’ve selected a skin care line…

~Face Washing 101~

Face Washing 101 .jpg

1. Start with your eyes. Use an oil free eye makeup remover and gently wipe off your eye area, even if you don’t wear eye makeup as facial cleansers are not designed for the eyes. Opt for oil free to prevent mascara clumping issues and oil build up on your face.

2. Use either a cleansing brush or your fingers, and using an upward and outward motion (always go up, gravity doesn’t need any help, and this also allows you to get into the pores better) cleanse your entire face, neck and chest (declote). I love a cleansing brush for the added daily exfoliation. I saw an immediate difference after the first use. Smoother skin with a brighter complexion.

3. Rinse with lukewarm water and a clean wash cloth. Just splashing your face to rinse it can leave behind dirt, oil and residues.

4. Gently pat dry.

Use a microdermabrasion scrub one to two times a week. Follow up with a moisturizer designed for your skin type.

Make sure to take care of your declote, or your chin to the twins. Unless you want to age yourself faster. Then leave it out.

~Do’s and Dont’s of Daily Skincare~ 

  • DON’T forget to wash your face every night. Even with no make up on the dirt and impurities that land on your face throughout the day prevent your skin from breathing, making its ability to restore and replenish itself impossible (what our bodies do at night while we sleep). This leads to dull skin and premature aging. Use a night cream or serum with vitamins and minerals.
  • DO use a daily moisturizer. Well moisturized skin looks radiant on its own and is the best base for foundation.
  • DON’T skip the SPF, no matter the season. Use a broad spectrum SPF of 35 or higher.
  • DO use a toner, either one that is built into your cleanser or as a second step.
  • DO Exfoliate daily, and with a microdermabrasion scrub at least once a week. Washing, exfoliating and moisturizing are the main ingredients for fresh, glowing, youthful skin.
  • DON’T use exfoliators with peach pits, sugar, or other jagged items. They cause tiny lesions that can turn into breakouts.
  • DO use an eye cream. First to moisturize the eye area (avoid facial moisturizer in the eye area, for both irritation of the eyes and because the pores under the eyes are very small and so need specially formulated products. Using a regular facial moisturizer in the eye area can lead to Milia, small white bumps that need to be removed by a dermatologist) and to moisturize the lids which will help with eye color application.

So there you have it. The low down on skin care and how to care for your face daily. Follow these guidelines and you’ll always be ready for the next big event! Go on and get gorgeous!




4 thoughts on “Wedding Season Series Part 4. Skincare for the Event and Every Day

  1. Great tips. I use a Japanese scrub towel to cleanse my face/body daily and can’t live without it. I have however changed my cleanser/moisturizers often time as I feel my skin has changed with age. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday. Have a super week.

  2. Don’t forget adequate water consumption! That makes a huge difference on your skin, organ function, and water retention (read: you will drop your water weight much easier)

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