What We’re Having This Week: “A Little Bit of Everything” with Recipes and Time Savers

Our life is in crazy upheaval mode at the moment with our impending move. As such, easy, delicious recipes that lend themselves to left overs are on the menu this week.

I’ve chosen barbecue, Asian, Italian, and Tex-Mex inspired dishes to suit every taste and comfort food craving. As an added benefit, a majority of the meals are health and weight conscious with big flavor. You can eat up and enjoy with no guilt and without breaking the budget. I’ve included my latest adventure in cooking, my version of Pho, fondly dubbed White Girl Pho. I would love to know how you like it, as I am a big fan if I do say so myself! Click on the picture below for a PDF with links to all the recipes for this week’s plan.

Pic of 5.5.14 Meal Plan .jpg




Like the idea of a meal plan but want it tailored to you? Head over to my Services page to see how we can work together to make you or you and your family a customized meal plan.


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