Precious Faces Flower Bouquet for a Mom’s Day Brunch or Birthday Party Centerpiece

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Is there anything more precious than the sweet faces of our little ones? In my opinion, no. So for Mom’s Day and Birthday parties for E I love to make her sweet face the highlight of the day’s decor. I like a good gallery wall or two, but using those to document a year of photos for Mom’s day or a birthday party can be tedious, and what do you do with all those framed photos after the fact? Photo albums are nice, but they often get placed on a shelf and forgotten for years to come. So rather than take the time to frame 12 photos for each month of the past year or make yet another photo album, I decided to make a bouquet of sorts for a Mom’s Day display. After making it I realized it would be super cute as a centerpiece for a child’s (or adult’s I suppose!) birthday party as well. Multipurpose, love it!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

What you'll need for the flower project.jpg

1. 11 Wooden flower cut-outs/Acrylic Paint in any color/Craft Glue/Decoupage/Long Lollipop sticks/13 Large Foam Flower shapes/White paint for polka dots (not pictured)/Ribbon if you want it displayed out of a vase.

2. A template for the center of the flowers where pictures will be placed.

3. Cut-out faces from photos using the template. Have one photo for each month of the year (either May to May for Mother’s Day, or a year from the person’s last birthday)

4. A large flower made of two foam flowers for the current month (so this May, or the month of the birthday) to be the center of the bouquet.

And Here’s How to Put it Together!

Step By Step How to for Bouquet.jpg

1. Paint wooden flowers with acrylic paint. I chose to do this outside since it is a bit stinky.

2. Let dry and then add polka dots using a lollipop stick if desired. I added white dots to half the flowers.

3. Using Decoupage, apply the pictures.

4. Seal the photos on by applying two coats of Decoupage to the top of the flowers.

5. If you haven’t already, make the center photo by gluing together two large foam flowers and applying the current month’s photo to the center.

6. Glue lollipop sticks to the back of all the flowers. Note the month the picture was taken on the back of the wooden flowers. I have terrible handwriting so I added the next step to hide the chicken scratch but still allow for it to be accessible.

7. Glue large foam flowers to the back of the wooden flowers. Attach using the sticks as the point of contact so you can still see the month when attached and dried.

Glue foam flowers onto stick to see the month .jpg


Place finished flowers in a vase with stones or glass beads, or tie them together with ribbon. I opted for the stones in a vase as this will be used as a centerpiece. And voila! A visually appealing and precious centerpiece for a Mother’s Day brunch or a Birthday party.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and grandmothers out there!


5 thoughts on “Precious Faces Flower Bouquet for a Mom’s Day Brunch or Birthday Party Centerpiece

  1. so cute -wish I had time before tomorrow to make it! I’ll pin it for a project for next Mother’s Day!

    • Thank you so much! And yes, very easy to make, especially since the paint and glue both dry quickly. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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