Wedding Season Series Part 5. How to Avoid a Foundation and Makeup Meltdown in Any Weather

Knowing how to keep your face looking fresh in heat and humidity is vital for this season, whether you’re planning on wearing makeup to any upcoming Spring and Summer weddings, parties, galas or other events or you just live in a warm climate. Like in our new location, VA. I put these tips and tricks to the test this weekend for Mother’s Day!

Us ladies looking fresh and fabulous on Mother;s Day, even in the mid-80s heat!

Us ladies looking fresh and fabulous on Mother;s Day, even in the mid-80s heat!


Unless otherwise noted I recommend checking out to find the products mentioned below and a consultant near you!

Here are 7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Foundation on Your Face and Off the Floor

1. Wear a Moisturizer Designed for Your Skin Type: This is so important for us ladies with oily skin! If your face feels it doesn’t have enough moisture it will make its own. Read: oil. For those with dry skin, moisturizer helps to create smooth, hydrated skin, the best base for foundation.

2. Wear Sunscreen, SPF 35 or Higher: Avoid a sunburn and the subsequent sun damaged Rudolf look by wearing sunscreen every time you go outside, especially days when you’ll be outside for long periods of time.

3. Use an Oil Mattifier: If you’re prone to oily skin a small amount of mattfier on your T-Zone will save you from multiple trips to the ladies room to powder or blot your nose. And on that note…

4. Take Along Oil Blotting Sheets: Whether from light perspiration or oil, blotting sheets will remove excess shine without the need for powder that can start to cake after a few layers.

5. Apply a Foundation Primer: Foundation Primer (regardless of what type of foundation you’re opting for) is key no matter your skin type if you want your makeup to look freshly applied all day and into the night. This is especially true if you have blemishes or scars, as these areas have no pores and therefore nothing for your foundation or concealer to adhere to without a primer.

6. Use a Translucent Powder: Powder helps to set your foundation, and translucent powder does even more by giving an airbrushed matte finish. As an added benefit, you won’t have to re-match your powder with each season as translucent powder, as its namesake implies, goes on clear.

7. Spritz your Face with a Setting Spray: Setting spray is like hairspray for foundation. It sets it and keeps it in its place for hours. After you apply your powder, blush and bronzer, lightly spritz your face with the setting spray of your choice. Try Skindinavia’s Finishing Spray to take you from daytime to evening with no touch ups needed.

Check out my tutorial here on best practices for applying foundation and basic facial contouring.

And For Your Eyes…

  • For the Beach or Boat, Opt for Creamy Eye Colors: Cream Eye Colors like Mary Kay’s are often waterproof, allowing for any and all water and weather to come your way with no worries. Pair with a waterproof brow pomade (like Anastasia Beverly Hills) and waterproof mascara (try Bobbi Brown’s No Smudge Mascara) for an eye look that won’t budge.
  • If It’s an All Day Affair, Prime your Lids: Start with an eye primer to keep your eye look, whether mineral colors or creamy, on and in place for hours on end.

And Lips….

  • Prime Your Pout: Start with an exfoliating lip mask or scrub to create a smooth surface. Follow with a lip primer like e.l.f.’s Studio Lip Primer and Plumper to keep your color bold in in place.
  • Fill in the Lines: Line your lips with a clear or neutral liner to both accentuate the shape of your lips and to help keep your lip color in place even in the mid-day sun.
  • Keep it Simple: You’ll most likely have to touch up your lips after eating, so stick with one lip color and one gloss color. Dramatic ombre lips are beautiful and fun but are difficult to maintain for a whole evening.
  • Lick Your Glass: No, I’m serious. Create a saliva barrier between your lips and your glass by discretely licking the rim of your glass to keep your lip color on and looking freshly applied longer.

Here’s to having fun and looking gorgeous all day and long into the night for any Summer day or special event!

xoxoxo – Olivia


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