And We’re Out! Our Move to VA and a New Assignment for Jer

Last Thursday Baby E and I headed to our new home in Virginia where Jer was already to meet the movers and start unpacking the big stuff. We spent about a week with my in-laws who graciously hosted us as we waited for the movers to arrive and Jer to start the process of moving in. E was able to spend time with her MomMom and PopPop and her cousins, which being that we’ve lived 7 hours away up till now, was awesome to do and see.

Like with most moves, whether military or civilian, we’ve had a lot of time to think about the move. Making a home out of a unknown house, meeting new people, finding play dates for E, staying sane as a stay at home/work at home mom without my partners in crime.

Honestly, if we had been in a house with a yard the move would have been far harder. Coming from a condo with a parking lot as a front yard and a small deck in the back with a toddler who wants nothing more than to play outside, just knowing we were going to a house with a large fenced in back yard made the idea of and the actual move far easier. Now that we’re here, although I miss my friends and all of E’s friends too, I am so very happy to be here. The weather is gorgeous, our neighbors are friendly and welcoming, and we have a back yard that E and Meatball LOVE.

E and Meatball

The unpacking…not so fulfilling and heart warming. We’ve been having fun finding new places for our favorite paintings and photos, and I’m loving decorating E’s playroom (more to follow on that front!) but the sheer amount of boxes…

All the Cardboard


And to think that we’ve donated and thrown out bags and bags of stuff, and still have enough to fill a four bedroom house. We’ve already been invited to two neighborhood cookouts, and just tonight had a lovely young girl next door who just loves E over for dinner after she played with E for most of the afternoon. We’re going to a Hail and Farewell on Thursday and have plans with neighbors on Saturday. Jer is liking his new job and his shipmates, and I’m excited to meet some of them and their significant others and their kids!

Dear God, we are blessed. So very blessed to have so much, and to be where we are, among many wonderful new people, here in good ol’ VA.




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