Want a Bikini Body? Put a Bikini on Your Body. Want to Feel Your Most Confident In The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type Sans the Expensive Quick Fixes? Read On.

So you want a Bikini Body? Step 1. Buy a bikini. Step 2. Put it on your body. Ta Da! A Bikini Body! No one, not you, not me, not anyone, should tell you that you shouldn’t sport a bikini or bathing suit of choice. Aside from couture Chanel the most beautiful thing we can wear is our confidence. So if you’ve got it, flaunt it ladies!

If you’re like me, however, and not quite feeling ready to hit the beach, here are some ideas and tips to tone up, build strength and ultimately confidence for swimsuit season at little or no cost, along with a guide to the best bathing suits for your body type.

Hold off on the expensive gym memberships: Ellipticals and nautilus equipment can be alluring, especially when you’re ready to make some serious progress with your cardio and toning. But don’t forget the amazing things your body can do and achieve in and of itself with no equipment needed. For example….

Running: OK, let me be honest. For years, like, oh, most of my life, I have resisted running. It just seemed so hard. Then the lure of everyone running the 5K hit. Something about running for the greater good and as part of a group is very appealing. Along with that there is no arguing the calorie burn (think 300 plus in 30 minutes) and lower body toning running provides. As a pear chap that’s huge for me.

If you’re new to it all, start with a “wog”, a walk/jog with a set distance as your goal. Every other day work towards running/jogging that whole distance and then add on from there. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can go from mostly walking to all running! I’m now registered for 2 5Ks in the next month. Who am I??

HITT: High Intensity Interval Training. And go. So HIIT is, at its most basic, small sets of high intensity workouts with small rest periods put together, often in effective 30 minute (or less) workouts. Think fat burning, cardio training and full body toning all in one. It’s not easy, but very little (if any) equipment is needed for a 500 plus calorie torching workout.

All you need is your living room, the determination, and some resources like these MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) drills from the pros at mmasomnia.com. Check them out for easy to follow full workouts and tips that anyone can follow and understand. Check back next week for a full review of their awesome workout! 

Pilates: The beauty of Pilates is that you can do it with or without equipment, and see the same total body toning results (in fact, matt Pilates is often more challenging than using the Pilates Reformer). Check out Blogilates for a Pilates inspired workout that will leave you stretched and strong to the core!

For myself, I’m opting for running and HIIT workouts to get ready for the beach! Log on, get out, and get the bikini body you want just in time for Summer. As you move towards your goals treat yourself to a new bathing suit fit for your body type to don this season.

For Those with Broad Shoulders and Narrow Hips:

Choose bottoms that show off your athletic build but avoid boy shorts. For tops, opt for triangle halter tops that will enhance your bust while making you appear more proportional. 

For the Curvy Hourglass:

Avoid busy prints that can distort your shape and proportions. Avoid the flimsy triangle tops and opt for a fuller halter top that will keep you looking gorgeous without any oops! moments. 

For the Pear Shape:

Choose bottoms that cover your lower half well, like boy shorts or full coverage briefs or hipsters. Avoid bold patterns on the bottom, and opt instead for bold patterns with a bust enhancing halter on your top to draw the eye up.

For the Straight Ladies:

Avoid bandeau tops and athletic bottoms. Instead, choose skimpy styles with ruffles or padding to add to your bust and bottom. 

Check back next week for my progress and more ideas for getting ready to bare it at the beach. 

Happy Beaching! 

Best Bikini For your Body

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