Some First-Evers and E and I’s (almost) Start of Life During Deployment

I am happy to report we are all on the mend. It may have taken some PT advice from a good friend in Scotland to get us there, but we’re here! E is back to her happy, loud self, I can talk and Jer can stand up for more than 5 minutes at a go.

Just in time to prepare for Baby E and I’s test run for life with Jer on deployment. Jer has to attend a two week course back up north for his new assignment, giving E and I two weeks of life sans Dada. Jer’s back being out ended up being a blessing in disguise as I was able to ease into this new lifestyle with Jer still here for moral support. Being that he couldn’t stand, all cooking, cleaning, and even lawn mowing was done by me.

Not bad for a first go 'round

Not bad for a first go ’round

I asked Jer if I should send a picture of my yard work art to his father, the lawn mowing guru. He suggested I give it a few more tries. Clearly there’s room for improvement, though I think it went quite well. No limbs or digits lost, and the grass is relatively even. Win.

I also ran my first road race this week! Sadly not a 5K, as that’s what I was hoping to run, but instead a 1 mile. I’d love to say my lack of running the 5K portion was due to my partners in crime all having strollers, making the hiking trails the 5K was on impossible to navigate, but really it was due to my clumsiness. I trip on flat roads, so the thought of running over rocks and through trees brought images of ER visits and broken ankles to mind. So I opted for the paved 1 Mile run. Either way, I can check off my first race ever.

Tomorrow we start our first ever Countdown til Daddy is Home, though I think I’ll be getting more out of the numbers going down than E will. Either way, it begins….

Countdown Plate

And with that, my Top Five Tips for This Week on Surviving Injuries, Illness and Maybe Even Deployment:

1. Let it Go, Let it Go: The dirty counters never really mattered anyways.

2. Take a Deep Breath and Dive In: No matter the task, it’s most likely far easier and less stressful than you’ve made it out to be in your mind.

3. Go to Bed and Drink Water: Translation, take care of yourself.

4. Cling Tight to Your Crock Pot: This, this is the saving Grace of dinner time. The main meal is done when dinner time arrives, all you have to do is make a side dish.

5. Have Faith in YOU: And celebrate your victories, no matter how small.


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