A Meal Plan for the Week and A Few Good Things

We’ve found ourselves spending more than usual on food these days, and it has little to to with food prices in VA. Sadly it has to do with being entirely too disorganized. We’ve been planning our meals, but not doing a great job of making a thorough grocery list, for both food and what we need for the house, resulting in lots (and lots) of short trips to the store for one more thing.

The problem with these little trips is you rarely walk out with just that one can of beef broth. All of a sudden a fresh baguette, some on-sale wine and a wedge of brie wind up in your basket. And on your grocery bill. And on your butt.

This week my main goal, now that we’re moved in (mostly) and settling into a routine, is to seriously cut down on the food budget (cooking for just E and I will inadvertently do that, but I mean SERIOUSLY cut down). How? By once again keeping on top of printable and newspaper insert coupons, matching them with sales at the store, and making a comprehensive grocery list with all that we need, eliminating (hopefully) the last minute trips for broth and the ten other things you never really needed.

I’ve included 2 meat free meals this week (good for you, the environment, and your budget) as well as some salmon burgers that you can either make with canned salmon or go all out and make with fresh fillets, depending on your budget. Either way, as I mention in the meal plan, go for wild caught! It tastes better and is FAR better for you and the environment.

menu week of 6.1.14.jpg


Use low fat dairy if desired, for the enchiladas and eliminate the buns from the salmon burgers and serve them over a bed of greens instead for some lower calorie/lower carb options.


As for a few good things, today ended up being a great start to E and I’s new adventure, though it started off a bit rough for E.

As for me, I got up early to get ready so we could venture out for a 10:15 service at an Episcopal church in the area. I successfully got ready, makeup, hair, breakfast and all, before E woke. E woke up happy as usual, had a great breakfast, and then busted her lip in the playroom on a windowsill. Luckily more bruising then bleeding, but quite the blow nonetheless.

Es Hurt Lip

This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but you can see the injury of the day. Luckily Sprout had Super Why on, and the theme song saved the morning. By the third note she was on the mend and ready to solve the Super Big Problem with the Super Readers, or at the very least support them in between bites of graham cracker bunnies. Nothing comes between E and her food, not even a busted lip.

So first good thing: My plan to get ready to make the morning go smoothly went smoothly. Until the great fall.

Second good thing: Both E and I enjoyed the church (E more so the nursery,she had fun, and all without mommy for a whole hour! Such a big girl) I enjoyed how welcoming the congregation was and the service as a whole (though my thoughts on it all may be a but swayed by my hour long break from toddlerdom). We’ll be going back next week for Pentecost. I’m told red is the color to sport to this service, I see nautical in my future.

Third good thing: Jer made it safely to CT, our tenant is happy, and Jer has some time to mend his back sans the demands of moving and a toddler.

So there you have it. A budget friendly meal plan (as well as diet friendly) and a few good things from Me and Baby E!


2 thoughts on “A Meal Plan for the Week and A Few Good Things

  1. Salmon burgers are my favorite! Your whole meal plan sounds great.

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