A First Attempt at Gallery Walls and Some Friendly Faces

When Jer got his orders for VA and we started house hunting, I had one thing (other than the fear of leaving friends, the stress of moving, the impending days of E and myself on our own, and so forth) on my mind: Gallery walls and what rooms to put them in.

I, like many others, am a Pinteraddict (Pinterest addict for those who don’t share my love of Pinterest) and I have been pining for spaces that would work for a gallery wall. Our last house was an open floor plan with most areas being used for storage like bookcases, bureaus, etc., leaving the prospect of a gallery wall to rooms no one would ever really see.

In light of this obsession and my past lack of space I’ve been collecting items to add to a gallery wall or two, including a beautiful piece my girlfriend Brooke made, an “E” with a mermaid painting for E’s first birthday, and a mirror my late father gave me years ago for Christmas with the quote “Always remember to take yourself along” on the back. I added to the mix an 8×10 poster I had bought for E’s nursery that never really fit in, about love and waves in the sea, and a Giclee of a painting by an amazing artist Hans De Castellane (check out his gallery here) from an event I helped plan on the Cape.

From all of these pieces along with special photos of loved ones I created a gallery wall for E’s playroom with a “Friends and Family at Play” theme and one for our living room with a “By the Sea” theme to go with the general feel of the living room.

Our living room mantle, adorned by another de Castellane original masterpiece.

Our living room mantle, adorned by another de Castellane original masterpiece.

The Living Room gallery wall

The Living Room gallery wall

By the sea gallery wall Mirror and Waves sign .jpg

The top photo is of E, a little less than 1 year old, making her way to the bay to swim all on her own. I love her determination (sometimes). The mirror is the one from my father, next to a photo of E’s older cousin’s first trip to the beach.

And onto the playroom…


E's Playroom and Gallery Wall

E’s Playroom and Gallery Wall

Closeup playroom gallery wall .jpg

One of my favorite pieces, E and Her Friend Sharing a Smooch

One of my favorite pieces on the playroom wall, E and Her Friend Sharing a Smooch

The playroom gallery wall has a priceless picture of E and all her living grandparents as a focal piece in the center, along with E and her cousins and close friends at play, including a photo of my best friend Maria and I as kids ourselves playing. I used the beautiful “E” by Brooke as part of E’s initials and added an “M” that will match the bureaus we’re working on for her playroom. I took her initials “E M” and turned them to read “ME” from top to bottom, a bit of a play on letters but also as I really didn’t want to explain to visitors why ME was misspelled.

We’ve got a few pictures to add to the playroom wall of E’s best friends from up north, but so far, my first attempts at gallery walls are, if I do say so myself, not half bad (maybe even Pinterest worthy?)

In these last two weeks I’ve met some lovely ladies who’s faces I imagine will grace future gallery walls, including neighbors and other wives from the boat. E has enjoyed playdates with new friends, and in a very sweet moment this evening hugged her new friend from next door good bye. This was quickly followed by a minor meltdown at the prospect of parting, which was quickly quelled with the promise of mac n cheese (I always said I’d never use food as a ploy. Then I had a toddler.)

Day by day, it’s starting to feel a bit more like a new home and less like a place we happen to live.





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