Quick and Easy Father’s Day Crafts! (Really Quick, Really Easy, I Promise)

I am all about kid-created gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Especially ones that scream “I made this!” That being said, I am also all about quick and easy projects that have some use and meaning, and won’t inevitably be tucked away with the other macaroni creations in a keepsake box (at least for a little while).

With that in mind for this Father’s Day I helped E create two crafts for Dada:

A mug for the endless coffee he is bound to drink on Deployment.

DADA Mug Finished .jpg

And a chalkboard jar with “Fishes for Kisses” to go along with E’s “Countdown till Daddy is Home” plate (he has a sweet tooth, so it might as well be a meaningful treat!)

Fishes for Kisses Front .jpg

For the mug I chose to use “Dada” instead of “#1 Dad” (as cute and so clearly true as it is) to make it more meaningful as Dada is what E calls him now.

Here’s What You’ll Need for the Mug:

A white ceramic mug (or any light color)

Sharpie OIL BASED Permanent Markers (this is key: make sure they are the paint variety, and specifically oil based, like the ones pictured below)

Sharipie Oil Based MArkers

Letter and/or number stickers to place on the mug with your desired phrase or design.

DADA Mug Before

And an oven!

For anyone under 8 this will definitely require some adult supervision.

After you’ve placed the stickers on the mug, help your child decorate the mug over and around the stickers with the Sharpie paint markers. The paint will darken in the oven so don’t worry if it appears light before it’s finished.

E Painting Mug .jpg

When done, remove the stickers and place the mug in a COLD oven. Set the oven to 360 and a timer for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the mug cool along with the oven.


DADA Mug Finished .jpg


The “Fishes for Kisses Jar” is geared more towards the military families out there, but really this is applicable for any dad who travels for work. The idea here is to write down the number of days till Dad will be home when he is getting ready to leave. The same number of fish (or favorite candy, think “A Kiss for a Kiss” for some Hershey’s kisses) are in the jar. Dad gets a candy for a kiss Dad each day Dad’s gone. For our family, as I said above, this goes along with E’s “Countdown till My Daddy is Home” plate.

Countdown Plate .jpg


When E is older she’ll have her own jar, but for now her plate works well along with this new jar for Dad.

The project is pretty self explanatory (and once again, easy!).

Here’s What You’ll Need for the “Fishes for Kisses” Jar:

I found this jar with a chalkboard paint label at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, along with the tag and the Swedish Fish. Wash, fill, tag, and done!

For older kids, have them help count out the fish or other candies and write the tag.

Don’t bother writing on the chalkboard part, that will just rub off in the wrapping. Save that for when Dad next leaves for a Deployment/work trip.

Fish Jar Collage .jpg

So there you have it! Two quick, easy and meaningful Father’s Day crafts to do with your little ones.

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Weekend!


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