ibotta. A Full Review and How You Can Use it Today (or Tomorrow)


ibotta. Think “I Bought A…” and fill in the blank. Then think of getting a rebate (read real money) for what you just bought. Sound good? Read on my friend, read on.

ibotta is an app for your smartphone or tablet that gives you access to rebates on hundreds of products at nationwide stores both in-store and on-line. Products are listed by both category (grocery, apparel, electronics, etc) and by store.

So Here’s the Skinny on How it Works:

Download the ibotta app from the App Store or on Google Play.

Sign Up!

Scroll through the categories and subsequent stores.

Choose a store and the items you’re interested in purchasing, and with a few easy steps get access to rebates.

Shop for items at your store(s) of choice and….

Turn your earned rebates into cash on PayPal, Venmo, or Gift Cards!

Why I Love It:

You can stack ibotta deals on top of store and manufacturer coupons. Have a manufacturer’s and store coupon for an item? Add on ibotta for additional savings with no hassle as only you and ibotta are involved at the cash register in the rebate process. Store couponing policies need not apply.

Target. You can use Target coupons, Target App Coupons, Cartwheel deals, AND ibotta on the same item(s). WWHHATT?? Today alone I saved $25 and earned $5 in rebates from ibotta, for total savings of $30.

What You Need to Know in Advance for Your Best ibotta Savings:

I went to Target today with my list and my ibotta app ready. All in all it was easy to earn an extra $5 in rebates, but I also learned a few things…

  • You’ll need to scan the barcode of each item with an associated ibotta rebate you’re purchasing. This can be done before or after you’ve purchased them, but I strongly advise to do this BEFORE checkout to make sure that your toddler who has shown infinite patience as you’ve dragged her down each and every aisle doesn’t lose it when she sees the light of the checkout line, and then gets pulled out so you can scan barcodes to make sure you’re getting each and every deal you want from Target. Enter dramatic fit here.
  • ibotta will ask for a picture of your receipt so don’t throw it out or loose it. Luckily they let you know this step right after you scan the barcodes, and before you stuff your receipt in the deep dark depths of your purse, diaper or hand bag. Within 24 hours ibotta will let you know if your rebates have been approved based on your scanned items and receipts, so keep any barcodes and receipts until you get confirmation  just in case you need to re-submit something.
  • Only buy items with rebates you’ll actually use, and don’t spend more to earn a rebate on items you don’t really need. Never liked vegetable juice? Don’t buy 10 Naked juice drinks for a rebate! You’ll save more by not buying them all together. If you’re looking to buy more to earn a rebate, like $10 for $100 at Kohl’s, (because I just can’t figure out how to buy more shoes or maxi dresses) make a list of upcoming birthdays or Holiday gift ideas and add up to your rebate on those.
  • Items listed on ibotta are often new and therefore have other manufacturer and store coupons associated with them. Stack, stack, stack! If you see something on ibotta that interests you, check on-line for other savings and coupons. Visit Coupons.com, SmartSource, RedPlum, SurvivingtheStores.com, or just Google the item name and coupons. (i.e. “Tostitos coupons”)

Go to ibotta.com and see for yourself how awesome it is! Get the App and get to earning money for what you’re already buying.








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