A Low Carb, Light and Easy Meal Plan, and How You Can Earn Rebates on Everyday Items from Checkout 51

Whether you’re looking to cut back on calories and carbs or not, heavy simple carb laden dishes on hot summer nights are just uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to cook with all the heat in the kitchen, and uncomfortable to have in your belly. With that in mind, here is a week’s worth of low and good carb dinners that require minimal time in the kitchen over a hot stove that won’t leave you feeling bloated the next day.

Meal plan for 6.24.14.jpg

Choose low carb tortillas for the burritos, or turn it into a salad by leaving the tortillas out all together. The beans are so flavorful they don’t need much in the way of additions to make a delicious meal. They will make a big batch, which will allow you to freeze some for an even easier Black Bean Burrito/salad dinner in the future.

For the Turkey Meatballs, I suggest browning them, about 5 minutes per panful, then placing on a baking sheet. When all the meatballs are browned, bake at 325 for 10-15 minutes or until cooked through.

Opt for brown rice for Saturday’s dinner. Leftover coconut rice will make a delicious breakfast, just place a small amount in a bowl, add your milk of choice, and heat in the microwave or on the stove. Add cinnamon and eat, just as you would oatmeal.


Now onto saving on your produce and other food items…

If you haven’t heard of Checkout 51 yet, hop on over and take a look. It’s a lot like ibotta, where you buy items and in turn get rebates, only you don’t have to shop at a specific store, or even get a specific brand in some cases. See what’s on the list for the week at Checkout 51 via their App, (get it at the App store or on Google Play) this week they have for example strawberries, tomatoes, bread, and yogurt of any variety among other things. Take a picture of your receipt, again from any store, I got $2.25 in rebates back from shopping at the Commissary today, and verify which items are on your receipt. They take care of the rest! Once you hit $20 in rebates they’ll cut you a check and send it your way. Because you can shop from any store the rebates can add up quickly between weekly shopping trips and errands.

Since it’s not a manufacturer coupon, or a store app, you can stack it on top of, say, Target coupons, Target Cartwheel and Mobile Coupons, and manufacturer coupons. You can even use it in conjunction with ibotta on the same items if applicable. If the couponing stars align you could save big and get back money as well. Here’s to good aligning.

Happy shopping, saving and eating my dear readers!


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