The Bluum Box! A (very honest) Review

The Bluum Box. Or A whole lot of new products for E that I would have never tried on my own as I am a creature of habit. And a Target addict.

Bluum Box 1 Entire


Filled with toys and products designed around your child’s (or baby’s) age, each Bluum box gives you the latest in on-trend items for your little ones. For myself my Bluum box was an eye opener to some awesome and useful products I had no idea existed:

BabyBanz sunnies for tots, with an adjustable yet form fitting and comfortable head band. E kept them on for more than a second. Win!

Baby Bannz Glasses Bluum

A Re-Play snack storage kit that took E and I from tot snacking to big time kid. No spill proof top needed for my little rockstar, and it’s Earth friendly as well (E is obsessed with the recycling bin, and what goes into it as opposed to the trash. She seems to be intrigued by her snack cup being made from her old Stonyfield Smoothie containers).

A reusable stay-in-place placemat for dining out. It, like its green self, saves a lot of green all around.

Bluum Placemat

The Raspberry scented de-tangler, not such a fan. Far too much scent for my liking.

The Ugly Duckling…need I say more. A classic every child’s library should have at least one of.

So, my honest opinion?

All the items in the box, based on their retail price, would add up to the cost of a one-time Bluum box. Through you can order one box, a year of boxes, or a few months worth. A one time Bluum box is not a money saver, though the other plans would most likely be (depending on the products for the month of course).

A Bluum box does, however, introduce you to new products you may not have known about or may have heard about but not yet tried. I found most of the products (sans the de-tangler) to be useful and intriguing items that I could see purchasing more of in the future.

If you’re looking to be on the forefront of kid, toddler and babyhood (or the other way around), then is for you. If not, stick with Target and all that the Cartwheel App has to offer. See you in The One Spot.



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