Perfect Face Dual Foundation and a Yellow Concealer: Two Products Every Woman Needs in Their Makeup Arsenal. And Our Less than Fabulous Fourth of July Weekend.

Our Fourth of July weekend wasn’t looking good by the Wednesday before. E started running a fever Wednesday afternoon, resulting in a sleepless Wednesday and a napless Thursday. The fever spiked Thursday night and stayed high, making for another sleepless night. Friday morning (the 4th) it was still high, so off to the ER we went for a family outing.

Nothing like snack time in the ER

Nothing like snack time in the ER

The oh so fun Strep test, that was negative, so onto a catheter for a urinalysis and a chest X-Ray for any brewing infections. All clear. Diagnoses? Sore Throat. Seriously.

For obvious reasons we didn’t go to any parties. Showing up to a party with a toddler you had in the ER for a fever and possible serious illness that morning is just poor form. So a quiet 4th we had, but also a good night’s sleep as her fever finally broke, followed by a quiet weekend. We thought E was back to her normal self until this evening when we went to dessert with friends. E proceeded to scream like a mad thing when she didn’t get her way. We forewarned E after the first screaming fit that if she didn’t play nicely we were leaving, sans yummy cookies. The final straw was when E hit their little girl because E didn’t want to take turns riding in the cozy coupe car. We made a quick exit, no cookies included, followed by bath and bed for E. Wine and TV for us. And hopefully another sleep filled night, with a brighter tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I was inspired by my less than fabulous and sleep deprived weekend to share with you my Fresh as a Daisy makeup tips and tricks for your face that will leave you looking well rested and glowing no matter how little sleep you’ve gotten lately.

Yellow concealer and perfect face results.jpg

But no I’ve actually been contemplating what type of tutorial would be best to share my new favorite product, Ashunta Sheriff’s Perfect Face Dual Foundation and Brush for a while now. It’s a build-able foundation, highlighter, and perfectly matched darker foundation shade for contouring and blending all in one. It comes with a dual ended foundation and precision concealer brush, and it is a game changer. No more guessing which foundation colors to use for a perfectly sculpted look. Ashunta’s six shades will match any and all skin tones for base, highlighting and contouring perfection, leaving you with a flawless look. It’s lightweight feel is perfect for Summer (and all seasons really!) and it works with any primer. This with a yellow concealer, and you’ve got the look of 8 hours in the bag. Hence why I love it.

So, my sleepless counterparts, I hope your lack of sleep is due to long Summer nights full of fun, but regardless the reason for your under eye circles, puffiness and uneven skin tone, here’s how to make it look like the events of last night ever even happened.


The Brow Tutorial 

Here’s What I Used to Achieve This Look:

For all Mary Kay, head over to or comment below for more information on ordering.

Mary Kay CC Cream in Medium

Mary Kay Yellow Concealer

Ashunta Sheriff’s Perfect Face Dual Foundation and Brush

Mary Kay Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss

Mary Kay Translucent Powder

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colors:

Highlighter: Sweet Cream

All Over Color: Ballerina Pink

Contouring Color: Hazelnut

Lid Center: Crystalline

Inner Corner: Spun Silk

L’Oreal Double Extend Waterproof Mascara 

Mary Kay Eye Pencil in Brunette

Mary Kay Brow Gel






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