Upgrade Your Style: Socially Conscious Accessorizing with Warby Parker’s NEW Beacon Collection

My absolute favorite components of style and fashion are accessories. Add a statement necklace, earrings and a pair of fabulous sunnies to a tired top or outfit and you’ve got a whole new look. Take your look from day to night by trading the sunglasses for fashion eyewear (or prescription if that suits your needs).

Eyewear is often overlooked as the powerful statement piece that it can be. We can all recognize in an instant John Lennon’s classic round frames. Think of a military inspired look without Aviators. Drab colors with some form fitted pieces. Or Rachel Zoe without her signature oversized sunglasses, or “sunnies” (a term I believe she coined), a look harkening back to the style icon herself, Jackie O. Sunglasses and eyewear in general can complete a look and make a statement in a way no other accessory can.

Warby Parker takes on-trend eyewear to the next level, making affordable and socially conscious pieces to suit every face and style. With all of their eyewear, from sunglasses to frames, for each pair you purchase they donate part of their profits to organizations like VisionSpring to bring affordable eyewear and eyewear businesses to developing countries. Warby Parker’s Buy a Pair Give a Pair gives not only sight but economic growth to people in need around the world. When they asked me to help them launch their latest collection, Beacon, available July 24th, I jumped at the chance to take part in this amazing company.

The Beacon collection, named for the Morning Star, visible at dawn and just before nightfall, is inspired by the impromptu, can’t-be-duplicated parties and gatherings we all live for. Although as a mom of a toddler and wife of a deployed Coast Guardsman these are few and far between now a days, these nights remain magical and for myself, coveted. Similarly, this collection, simple and elegant, with styles that not only fit but accentuate the beauty of any and all face shapes while keeping up with the night by being fun and flirty, is too magical and coveted.

Lucky for you, with Warby Parker’s price point, you won’t have to hold out for these gorgeous pieces. Here are my top picks from Warby Parker’s Beacon Collection. A little something for everyone.

the Nicole (Left) and Ingram  Sunglasses.

The Nancy (Left) and Ingram Sunglasses.

Nicole Up close






Garret Eyeglasses.

Garret Frames. (Garret is available in sunglasses as well)


McKee, Right. Fun, flirty and smart, take these eyeglasses from day to night effortlessly.

McKee frames, Right. Fun, flirty and smart, take these from day to night effortlessly.

McKee Soft Side



Check out the entire collection at warbyparker.com and let your own wardrobe transformation begin, all while helping those in need. Go forth and shop happy.

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