Hey? So How’s Life?

I took a break for a bit here to focus on an endeavor that lots were asking for: a place dedicated to fitness, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle in general. If you haven’t been there, take a gander at 10 Years and Counting: A Weight Loss Journey.

In the meantime, I’ll skip catching you up on all of life, it’s been, well, life with a toddler, add in a deployment. Lots to bitch about, but who needs to hear that? Along with the struggles there have been some bright points. Shall we call them, learning opportunities?

As of today, E and I have begun to SUCCESSFULLY potty train. You can read about the first attempt here. Not so successful. Four days ago she made the decision that diapers were not her thing anymore, she wanted big girl panties. A few accidents here and there, and by day three, all was well. Then…she got the tummy bug that’s been lurking around these parts. Let me just say, I didn’t think that much could be inside one 2 year old. I’ll leave it at that. Luckily, it was a quick one, 7 hours of restlessness and feeling pretty icky, and she was back to herself. The fact that that was 2AM and she wanted to play, not so awesome, but by 3:30 she agreed to try to go to sleep. And then woke up at 7:30, bright eyed and ready for the day. She got back into her big girl panties and carried on, which I was really happy about. I had enough laundry to take care of!

So far this deployment E and I have so far survived round 2 of potty training, and come out the other side with success, and a nasty tummy bug. We also made our first unaccompanied long distance road trip (10 hours) with no issues and no breakdowns, neither car nor mental, over the Holidays.

One of my biggest fears was her being sick like that and me being on my own. Not for the gross factor, though that was nasty, but more for me second guessing my judgement: Am I making the right choice? Should she go to the ER? Is she getting dehydrated? So getting through her being sick and pulling through with flying colors, without me losing my gourd, I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that one. And no, no trip to the hospital was made, she was peeing just fine (I may have forgotten to put a diaper on before she fell asleep, poor love woke up soaked) and, like I said, was ready to party at 2AM. Thank you Frozen for providing said party.

All in all, we have so far done pretty well this deployment. I may be taking some serious leniency with cheat days and wine is for weekends on a regular basis, but at this point I’m OK with that. I’ve gained a lot confidence in myself as, well, myself, and as a parent. I won’t be biting at the bit for the next deployment to come around after Jer gets home from this one, but I’ll be taking the perspective from the start of it that it’s a chance to see just what I’m capable of (please, God, don’t take that as a challenge).

Me and E, we've got this.

Me and E, we’ve got this.

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