And no, not of GMOs. I’m all for that. Monsanto can wither away into the great abyss any day now please.

So labeling. Mom labeling. So over it. Please, for the love of whatever you consider holy, please stop writing about how awesome you are because you’re not a helicopter mom, or how great you are because you are a helicopter mom, or how cool you are as not only are your organic eggs free range, but so are your kids. In one breath you tell us that as moms, we should all feel that we have the most important job in the world. Then in the next breath you tell us that although we’re giving it our best shot, you’re doing it way better.

Get over yourself.

Parenting is pragmatic. What works for you may not work for me. E HATED being worn, from day one. She loves to do things herself. She’s cautiously brave and daring, meaning she’ll climb the highest ladder, but at a slow and steady speed, analyzing the situation and her safety as she goes. She eats nearly everything you put in front of her, and enjoys being social. How I parent her is based on her. Who she is, her strengths, and what her needs are. Sometimes one or more of these things changes day to day, and as such so do my methods in being the best mom I can for E. I don’t know your child, or your family situation. I don’t know what kind of day you’re kid or you are having. Therefore I will not tell you how you how you should parent your child. Ever. Until proven otherwise I’ll believe that you are doing the best you can for your child(ren), just as I am for mine.

We keep talking about how we want to “end the mommy wars”. Then do us all a favor, and stop writing posts on how to label each other, how to “spot” one of THOSE moms. As a reader, stop sharing the “label ’em this way!” posts, and stop labeling yourselves.

That’s it for my morning rant.

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