Dash Out The Door in Five Looking Polished and Put Together

Easy Polished Look

Today was a home day with a short jaunt outside for winter nature exploration with Baby E , we even found a nest! Check it Out

We found a bird's 2013 spring/summer residence

We found a bird’s 2013 spring/summer residence









Post our walk in a winter wonderland I ran a few errands in prep for blizzard number 15. No need for a tri-color eye or even a blow dryer, but I prefer to always look polished and ready for the day. Contrary to popular belief makeup doesn’t have to be complicated and gel eyeliner is way easier than you might think.

What you’ll need:

Foundation of choice (I like to add a translucent powder on top of my liquid foundation to set it and because I’m an oily beast)

Gel eyeliner in Black (TRUST me on this one. Far easier than liquid and more impact than a pencil. Mary Kay’s comes with a brush, but any slant tipped liner brush will work just fine. Eyebrow and lash brushes typically have a slant tipped brush on the end, see if yours does)

Black Mascara (I recommend black to just about everyone, everyone except the exceptionally pale. Then go black/brown)

Brow pencil or brow definition of choice (read powder, gel, etc)


Five minutes or less to a polished you.


2 thoughts on “Dash Out The Door in Five Looking Polished and Put Together

  1. Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday!
    I’d love to see you do a video 🙂 I can get lost on YouTube viewing makeup tutorials… I’m lost when it comes to that stuff ;-?

    • Absolutely! I have one up for basis skin care, and am about to post another today for targeting problem areas in skincare, and next week I’ll be doing a basic and easy eye look. Thanks for stopping by!

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