The Tri Color Eye and How To Apply It

Tri Color Eye .jpg

One of the most popular eye color looks is the tri color eye, which, obviously, is an eye look involving three colors. Most of these involve a highlighter, or the lightest shade, a mid tone and an accent color. Today we’ll be learning how to apply all three colors for a standard eye shape. Check out the video HERE!

I chose to focus on the standard eye as the application technique looks good on nearly every eye type. There are specific ways to apply eye color to hooded, asian, and wide-set eyes, but even on these eye shapes a standard look will be beautiful.

If you’d like me to do a tutorial on another eye type email me at or comment below (or on the video) and I’ll make it happen!

If you’re brand new to applying color cosmetics I think you’ll find this is a relatively easy look to recreate. If you’re in need of advice on a color look for an event, or maybe just a go-to for daily wear email me at the address above and I’d be happy to help you choose the best color for you!


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