Apple Spinach Smoothie. One Delicious Way to Eat Your Way Gorgeous

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but for me it was lack of bananas.

I am a strong believer in eating your way gorgeous. If there’s one way to age yourself, it’s with inflammatory foods like simple carbs and sugars. You can use the world’s best facial and eye creams, but a diet wrought with white flour and sugar will counteract all your efforts. I’m not perfect and have been known to indulge in a piece of focaccia bread or two drenched in olive oil. To keep the inflammation down from my transgressions I try to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, specifically leafy greens.

My go-to breakfast is a smoothie made with half a banana, a handful of spinach or kale, low carb protein powder, ice and a splash of whatever milk alternative is in abundance at the moment, typically either coconut or almond milk. Until a few days ago, when the banana supply was decimated by my little monkey, Baby E.

Enter the apple. It was the only kind  of fruit left, and I wasn’t heading to the store in my PJs with E in tow. So I blended half an apple in my smoothie. It was AMAZING! And, best part, less calories and carbs than a smoothie made with half a banana!

Here’s what you’ll need for your Apple Spinach Smoothie:

Green Smoothie .jpg

1/4 Cup milk of choice (make sure to look for light versions of milk alternatives to cut down on and/or eliminate added sugars)

1/2 an apple

1 Cup Spinach

I scoop low carb protein powder of choice

3-4 Ice cubes

Blend and Enjoy!

Jer bought me the Ninja for Valentine’s Day (we’re practical gift givers and I am a self proclaimed smoothie fiend) and I absolutely, hands down think it makes the best smoothie of any blender I’ve tried so far. Perfectly blended smoothies with no chunks of ice or fruit left to gnaw on.


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