Lifestyle and Fitness: It’s a Journey, Not a Destination

No, this isn’t the part of Me and Baby E where I post pictures of my amazing life, lounging on beaches in the South of France and sitting pretty in my custom designed interior spaces. Though I wouldn’t argue if those filled my Instagram account in real life.

Lifestyle Photo for Main PAge .jpgThis is the part of Me and Baby E where I share my journey as I strive to become a better version of myself, mentally, physically and spiritually so that I may live my best life now. Life has taught me that there is no time like the present to live the life you want, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get more time on Earth than right now. And for that I’m (albeit slowly some days) adopting healthy habits, experimenting with new ideas (new to me at least, like those positive affirmations I’m dabbling in), trying new goal setting and life organizing systems, and giving fitness trends and the tried and true workouts a go. And I’m taking you if you’re willing along for the ride.

But seriously, how we live our daily lives has a strong impact, in fact determines, the course of our lives, the lives of those around us, and where we see ourselves in the future and thus the goals we set for ourselves today. I haven’t met anyone who is completely satisfied with where they are in their personal growth and their life, and I am no different!

No one is going to wake up and completely alter their lifestyle in one day. By adding a few healthy habits in, little by little, myself and others like you can change the way we look, feel, set and meet goals, perform at work, and, most importantly, perform as parents, without feeling overwhelmed.

We’re on this journey to a better self together. Hopefully you’ll find a few useful tips and ideas here, or maybe discover something you now know is definitely not for you. Check back or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more on Lifestyle at Me and Baby E.

I always love your feedback so please, comment away on any and all posts or email me at



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