A Tabata Workout for Home, and Why Daily Exercise is More Important Than You Might Think

Many of us are all about adopting a more positive outlook, but could use some help getting there. This is clear by the unreal amount of inspirational quotes and 5 Days of Positive challenges and such all over Facebook and social media in general. If you’re looking to have a more positive outlook on daily life, making it a focal point in your day (like the 5 Days of Positivity challenge, etc) and having inspirational quotes that uplift you are great ways to help you along the way. Exercise, however, is also a vital component to a more positive, upbeat you. Take note of the word “vital”.

So if you’re exercising regularly for your physical health, or even just to look better in your jeans, awesome! Keep it up! The benefits are more far reaching than you might imagine. If you’re not a regular gym goer, or into an at-home fitness routine, you may want to re-think that choice, especially if you’re seeking a better mindset.

In fact many studies have shown that regular exercise, meaning 5 days a week of a sweat fest calorie burn of at last 350 calories, can reduce symptoms of depression in many people as well as an antidepressant does. Imagine what it can do if you don’t suffer from depression. For those that prefer low impact workouts, Yoga has also been shown to improve the moods of those suffering from depression when used in conjunction with therapy and/or pharmaceuticals compared to their non-exercising counterparts.

Fitting in exercise into an already hectic schedule can be a challenge. How many times have you made it a point to fit in a good solid workout. You keep it up for a few days, skip a day or two, and then never pick it up again. That is until the next time you make it a goal for yourself.

If that’s you, here’s some great news: You don’t have to do a full 30 minute workout to get the benefits of regular exercise. Even a 10 minute challenging workout that gets your heart rate up (though if you can fit in a 30 minute or more routine, all the better) is enough to get all the benefits exercise can offer, including a brighter mood and a more toned you.

Which brings me to Tabata, one of my favorite ways to get a good solid workout in, especially at home. Tabata is made up of 10 challenging moves, or stations, that when put together make for an amazing total body workout. Each move is done for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest, for a total of 5 minutes per move. Although a traditional Tabata class is about 50 minutes, you can easily break up a Tabata at-home workout into more manageable 10 minute chunks throughout the day.

Ashley Lebrecht, Fitness Trainer and Health Expert (Ashley is currently working on her PhD, read more about her amazingness here) has been teaching Tabata (in fact that’s where I first met her, as my Tabata instructor) for some time now, and has offered up here on Me and Baby E a fabulous total body Tabata workout with ten moves that can be done as one solid session, or broken up throughout the day. So…no excuses.


Don’t have a Kettle Bell? Grab a dumbbell, anywhere from 3 to 20 pounds, or fill up a water bottle with sand.

Some Definitions:

Bear Crawl: Walk on your hands with your knees straight. Sound simple, but just try it, you’ll be amazed at the burn.

Wall Sit: Come to a wall and put your back against it. Come to a seated position with your legs at a 90 degree angle and hold the pose. Add weights if you think you need a greater challenge.

Kettle Bell High Pull: Stand with legs shoulder distance apart, like you’re about to do a squat (cause you are). Place the kettle bell, or your version of one, on the ground in front of you. Start in a squat, with your hands on the kettle bell and come up. At the top of the squat take the bell up to your chest, bending your elbows, then back down.

Squat Thrust: The tail end of a Burpee. Start in a squat, and jump back to a push up. Jump back to a squat and repeat.

Screamer: Come to a lunge position. From there, bring the back leg forward, jumping in the air on one leg, then coming back down into a lunge and touching the floor with your outside hand. Switch sides after each 10 second rest.

So for your next Facebook post on your 5 Positive Things of The Day, throw one on there about how awesome it feels to get in a good workout. Something that is just for you, mind, body and spirit.


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