Ashley Lebrecht, Fitness Trainer, is Pairing up with Me and Baby E for an AMAZING Workout Series!

I love going to the gym for a good workout, but some days it’s just not possible, as I imagine is the case for all of you out there as well. Me and Baby E is all about living our best lives now, and frustrating days of missed workouts does not fit the Me and Baby E lifestyle. If only I could bring one of my favorite Fitness Trainers into my living room, and yours…


Ashley HeadShot Keep

Ashley Lebrecht, a Fitness Instructor who currently works at the Taylor Bend YMCA (my Y of choice in good ol’ VA), is an avid fitness enthusiast and has been for the past six years. And by avid, I mean she spends 2 hours a day at strength training and cardio, on top of teaching her numerous classes.

A shot from one of Ashley's sessions as a fitness model. Yes, I'd like those arms please!

A shot from one of Ashley’s sessions as a fitness model. Yes, I’d like those arms please!


Ashley has ran in a multitude of races, including 2 half-marathons and 1 marathon, and is currently training for the Chicago marathon.

And those legs too please.

And those legs too please.

At 30 years old she has already earned her BS in Health Promotion, a Masters in Public Health, and is working on her PhD in Health Education. She is also a mom to two beautiful children, 4 year old Hampton and 15 month old Claire, and wife to an Active Duty US Coastguardsman.

Ashley comes to us from South Carolina but as a Coast Guard wife has called many places home for her and her family. Ashley hopes to one day own her own gym, and share her love of fitness and healthy living via modeling for her favorite brands.

I’ve worked with personal trainers for years, and was blown away after taking Ashley’s Tabata and Abs classes. She is truly inspiring and can transform bodies. For real. Just look at hers. I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am that Ashley has agreed to come on board with Me and Baby E to help create an At Home Workout Series. Welcome Ashley, I am so excited to share your amazing talent!


Here’s This Week’s At-Home Workout From Fitness Trainer Ashley Lebrecht!

Total Body Circuit Training 1.png

Do Each Circuit 3 Times, Repeating Each Exercise 15-20 Times

Circuit 1

Runners lunge with pushup: Come into a runners lunge, immediately followed by a push-up then another runners lunge with the opposite leg in front. Repeat!

Bird Dog: Come onto all fours, extend the opposite arm and opposite leg, and switch.

I've done this before, but never knew it had a name! So if you're like me and all, "Bird What?" here's a visual aid.

I’ve done this before, but never knew it had a name! So if you’re like me and all, “Bird What?” here’s a visual aid.

Elbow Plank with Diagonal Reach: Come into a plank on your forearms. Keeping as still as possible extend your arms one at a time out diagonally. Suck in those abs to hold a good plank position!

Circuit 2

Reverse Lunge with Reach: Instead of lunging forward, take the lunge behind and reach for the back leg with a rowing motion. Alternate legs and arms. Intensify it by jumping as you switch sides!

Side lunges: Come to a squat position and lunge out to the side, alternating legs.

Russian Twist: Come into a seated boat position and while leaning back and keeping your abs engaged, twist from side to side. Hold a dumbbell in both hands to intensify this move.

Russian Twist

I’ve known these as Kayakers, Seated Twists, and Russian Twists. So once again, visual aid for those who’ve never done one or have done these by another name!

Circuit 3

Table top: Come into a full plank, and one arm at a time lover onto your forearms, into an elbow plank, and then lift back to a full plank, again one arm at a time. Aim to repeat for 1 minute, and at least 30 seconds.

Leg lifts: Alternate sides, doing 15-20 on each leg. If you’ve got a resistance band at home, you can intensify this move by tying the band just above or under your knees and lifting against the band.

Bicycle Crunch: Slow these down for an even greater abdominal and leg workout, focusing on coming up to the opposite knee and really extending the outstretched leg.

Like it? Love it? Let us know!


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