Drink Up! 5 Common Beauty Problems Caused by Dehydration

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I like to feel my best, but sometimes it’s looking my best that inspires healthier choices in my life, like staying hydrated. So with that in mind…


Puffy Eyes: Dehydration is one of the main causes of puffiness around the eye area. Start your day off with a glass of lemon water to help optimize organ function and get you hydrated.

Dark Circles: There are many causes of dark under eye circles, but assuming you don’t have allergies, a sinus infection, Kidney or Thyroid issues, it is most likely dehydration. And, if you’re a mom, perhaps a lack of sleep. But the dehydration isn’t helping either.

Chapped Lips: Your lips are one of the first parts of your body to show signs of dehydration. If you’ve got dry, chapped lips, and you haven’t been out in any extreme elements, you are most likey dehydrated. Put down the lip balm and grab a glass of water.

Blemishes: When you’re dehydrated your body can’t rid itself of toxins properly, resulting in feeling sluggish and irregular, and, if you’re blemish prone, a few more pimples rearing their ugly heads. Keep everything moving in all areas of your body, and your skin’s pH balanced with proper hydration.

Dull Skin: Want a more youthful glow? Anti-aging serums and creams can do wonders but they’re no match for a healthy, plant rich diet and lots of water.

So how much water should you drink in a day? Hit up Bodybuilding.com’s Water Intake Calculator and find out what amount of water per day is right for you.

If you’re like me and are averse to plain water, try infusing your water with fruits, herbs and even vegetables. Try out this Detox Water recipe for a refreshing take on the norm. You can also keep up your water intake with hydrating snacks like watermelon, grapes and cucumber, all of which are wonderful to munch on after a workout.

Happy Hydrating!

Never Miss a Post! Bring Me and Baby E To Your Inbox! 


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