Sun’s Out, Guns Out! Upper Body and Cardio At-Home Workout by Fitness Trainer Ashley Lebrecht


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Suns Out Workout

An Upper Body and Cardio

At-Home Workout

By Fitness Trainer Ashley Lebrecht 

Show off some seriously toned arms with this week’s no-joke upper body workout from Fitness Trainer Ashley Lebrecht. Follow Ashley’s Facebook Page for daily challenges, inspiration and healthy recipes!

For this workout all you’ll need are some weights, anywhere from 8-15 lbs, depending on your personal preference. If you don’t have weights, just use water bottles filled with water or sand!

12-15 Bicep Curls

12-15 Reverse Bicep Curls

12-15 Tricep Dips on a Couch, Table or Bench 

12-15 Tricep Kickbacks

12-15 Alternating Shoulder Presses

12-15 Upright Rows

12-15 Pushups (modify with knees down)

12-15 Lateral Raises With Alternating Lunges

12-15 Chest Press in Bridge (come into a bridge position, with your butt raised off the floor. Keep arms at chest level) 

12-15 Chest Fly

1 Minute Plank (modify with knees down)

50 Mountain Climbers

25 Grasshoppers (in a plank position, take each leg up and across your body, then back into a plank, at a quick pace. I could’t figure out the best way to describe this one so I added a pic!) 

Grasshopper in Action

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