The Running Diaries

Mile 5 and the Miraculous Stroller

So I did it. I can now, with effort, but not exhaustion, run 4 miles. My 23 year old self is in awe. And maybe a bit jealous of her future booty. One thing I’ve learned so far: The Elliptical and The Stair Master have nothing on running when it comes to sculpting a lovely rear view.

My abs, well that’s another story, the one where I have to write in the part where I skip the crackers and cheese.

Back to the running, by next Monday I want to be up to 5 miles. I know for the 5 mile goal and on I’m going to have to buckle down on hydration and stretching, two things I am really, really bad at keeping up with. Stretching more than hydrating, though I do need to get back into the habit of making my daily container of infused water like my favorite Detox Water and drinking it throughout the day. The whole packing up and heading to the Cape for the Summer has thrown off many of my daily routines. Though one could argue daily trips to the beach is worth it. But back to the point at hand, as a result of really not liking regular water, and slacking on making infused waters, I’ve discovered some delicious seltzers from Polar, including a Cucumber Melon variety, that I can drink down like a champ.

As for the stretching, I need to make it a regular part of the running routine, while figuring out how to include E in the mix, as I know she’ll want to join in. And really, I love that she does, like when she is “helping” me do planks. She now asks for “planks” and “dogs” (downward dog) and I am more than willing to comply. She’s my little fitness coach, even at the beach.

Plank with E

I also did another thing this week. One that I knew I never should have. I ran with my sister’s BOB Revolution stroller.

Me and the BOB

It puts my CityMini to shame. I’d like to think that a Britax or a Gracco with the same larger wheels would be just as lovely, but I know the truth. They won’t be. I’ve ran with the best (and a double at that for her twins) and there’s no going back. Next goal for this week: Find an affordable used BOB single stroller. And with that, I think I’ve set enough goals for this week, now to accomplish them all before next Monday…

This Week’s Goals: 

  • Get to five miles
  • Stretch after every run (while finding a way to keep E involved, as she will most likely insist on being)
  • Make a daily batch of infused water and drink it all down
  • Find an affordable, meaning most likely used, BOB stroller
  • Stop eating so many crackers with cheese





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